Dennis van der Heijden

Dennis van der Heijden is the CEO and Founder of Convert.com. A passionate community builder, a vocal privacy proponent, and a conscious business advocate, Dennis is always on the look-out for out-of-the-box ideas that make Convert a better brand and Convert Experiences a better tool.

5 Things We Learned from Analyzing 28,304 Experiments

How do CRO professionals run experiments in 2019? We analyzed 28,304 experiments, picked randomly from our Convert.com customers.

This post shares some of our top observations and a few takeaways about:

  • When CROs choose to stop tests; 
  • Which types of experiments are most popular;
  • How often personalization is part of the experimentation process;
  • How many goals CROs set for an experiment;
  • How costly “learning” from failed experiments can get.

Let’s begin.

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