User research

User research includes quantitative and qualitative studies to understand the behavior and underlying motivations of potential or current customers.

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What are common user research methods?

Common user research methods include surveys, interviews, mouse tracking, eye tracking, analytics, and usability testing, among other methods.

Why should you conduct user research?

User research is the primary source of information for copywriting choices, UX improvements, product positioning, and testing hypotheses.

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Is it enough to run a Net Promoter Survey? What will you learn? What won’t you learn? Find out all the ways to conduct user research, the right way to run those studies, and how to interpret results.

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“User research” can be as simple as a few follow-up questions after a purchase. It can also involve time-consuming and costly studies. In every instance, you need to know how to do it right (and which type of research will give you the answers you need).

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