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Growth marketing

Growth marketing is a multidisciplinary strategy that early-stage startups often use to break down marketing and sales silos, win rapid user adoption, and increase revenue.

Just getting started? Want to take a deep-dive into growth marketing? Choose from dozens of blog posts, full-length courses, and other resources to master the discipline before you launch your next campaign.

What are growth marketing strategies?

Growth marketing strategies include many traditional marketing and sales strategies—funnel improvements, testing and experimentation, inbound marketing, etc. A key differentiator is the use of growth (usually of users or revenue) as the North Star for all efforts.

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking, a term coined by Sean Ellis, is an aggressive, fast-moving approach to growth marketing. Its definition has shifted over the years, sometimes for the worse—growth hacking is not about “shortcuts” but rapid cycles of ideation and experimentation.

Get expert insights on growth marketing

Everyone wants growth. Early-stage companies need it to survive. Our posts on growth marketing will help you separate real strategies from clickbait ideas. Authors are active practitioners who have seen their recommendations work in the real world.

Blog posts on growth marketing

Whether you’re looking for strategic direction or new tactical approaches to experimentation, learn how to get the growth you want.

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

    By Peep Laja

    Learn exactly how to put your value proposition to work and increase conversions with persuasive copy and UX / design.

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Growth marketing courses

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