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B2B marketing

B2B marketing is used by companies that sell products to other businesses rather than to individual consumers. B2B marketing strategies often focus on lead generation, nurturing leads through long sales cycles, and targeting niche markets.

Just getting started? Want to take a deep-dive into B2B marketing? Choose from dozens of blog posts, full-length courses, and other resources to master the discipline before you launch your next campaign.

What makes a good B2B marketing strategy?

Because B2B sellers typically have longer sales cycles, their marketing must work throughout the funnel. Rather than going directly for a sale, B2B marketing strategies may begin with email capture, then qualify email leads through a drip email campaign or other content offering. Marketing attribution can be especially challenging in B2B marketing.

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B2B marketers often feel ignored by marketing content, which tends to focus on the B2C sector. At CXL, we’ve dedicated many posts to B2B content marketing, B2B ecommerce sites, B2B case studies, B2B conversion optimization—the list goes on.

Blog posts on B2B marketing

Some marketing advice varies little between the B2C and B2B sectors. For those topics, browse any of more than 600 posts throughout the site. A number of posts dedicate sections to B2B marketing needs or feature examples from the B2B sector.

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

    By Peep Laja

    Learn exactly how to put your value proposition to work and increase conversions with persuasive copy and UX / design.

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B2B marketing courses

Thinking about an account-based marketing strategy to target your niche? Wondering how you can create compelling, authoritative content when you work in a “boring” B2B sector?

We’ve tailored our courses for B2B marketers who want to learn from people who’ve done the work—and done it successfully.

Account based marketing

Master the strategies, tactics, metrics, and wisdom you need to become an ABM leader and accelerate the growth of your company and of your career.

B2B | campaigns | pilot planning

Email marketing: from basics to best-in-class

Learn how to build lists fast, what to send that works, and how to make your email marketing data-driven.

email list growth | email content | campaigns

Foundations of demand generation

Learn to build a predictable, scalable and repeatable lead generation machine that will help your company generate qualified leads for years to come

content strategy | lead acquisition | outbound marketing

Content strategy and SEO for lead generation

Learn to plan, execute and measure a successful B2B content strategy.

lead generation | SEO | measurement

LinkedIn advertising

Learn how to target, build, and measure LinkedIn ads.

funnel optimization campaigns audience targeting

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