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How to hire the best or get hired

Great companies are made of great employees. If you are looking to hire or be hired, this AMA is for you.

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Hosted by Ben Labay
Managing Director @ Speero

Join us in this special AMA session where Speero’s Managing Director, Ben Labay will be available for one hour to answer questions on how to hire and be hired.

How exactly does an AMA work?

  • If you’re looking to hire a great employee… This is your chance to ask Ben questions like:
    • “How do you pick between two excellent prospective employees?”
    • “How do you determine whether a CRO candidate is qualified?”
  • If you’re looking to work at a great company… This is your chance to ask Ben questions like:
    • “What is the #1 thing you look for in a job candidate, and how do you like them to demonstrate they possess that quality?”
    • “What makes a job candidate stand out to you before you ever interview them?”

About Ben Labay

Ben Labay

Ben is Speero’s Managing Director. He has hired over 15 employees in the CRO and CX space. He has developed hiring processes from the ground up, and currently leads his team of 30 employees. helping companies understand their customers better through data, research, and experimentation to drives long-term growth.

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