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Get Expert Feedback for Improving Your Website Conversions

Think your website could perform better, but don’t know what to do to improve it? I will review your website and tell you exactly what you should do.

This is for you when

  • you’re just about to launch a new website, and want to make sure it rocks,
  • your conversions are not what you think they could be, but you don’t know what to change,
  • you want someone with tons of conversion-boosting experience to provide a “second opinion”

… or when you just don’t know what to do to boost your conversion rates.

Here’s what some of the people who got a review from me said:

“Peep delivered me a no fluff conversions review. When I implemented all of the changes my opt-ins and sales increased instantly. I estimate it took two days for me to get a return on investment. I recommend Peep to other business owners.”

– James Schramko, Super Fast Business

“I’ve been a fan of CXL pretty much since they started and so when we decided to get a fresh set of eyes on WPMU DEV using Peep was a no-brainer. His feedback was quick, to the point, and we’re acting on it’s now… some of my Melbourne startup friends liked it so much they immediately engaged him too! Thoroughly recommended.”

– James Farmer, WPMU DEV

“Knowing we needed an outside perspective for our eCommerce website we asked CXL to take a look. Peep gave us a no nonsense, hard hitting review that brought to light many issues and some great opportunities that had simply gone unnoticed. His recommendations have been incredibly valuable and helped us implement new tracking, identify issues with our sales funnels and create a better more conversion focused user experience.”

– Zach Applegate, Plumbers Surplus

“Peep’s review of my website was concise and extremely insightful. He gave me lots of actionable recommendations and I’m looking forward to implementing and testing all of it. So far the advice I have acted on has been well worth the cost of admission. I plan to make this a yearly audit!”

– John Turner, SeedProd

“I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Peep during a “Conversion Review” session. Peep really knows what he’s talking about. He has a lot of CRO experience, and that showed during our conversation. In my particular case, I was swimming in a lot of web analytics data and needed a hand translating the overwhelming data set into some discreet actionable insights for a client. Peep’s quick look at the site yielded some very powerful insights that were based on conversion heuristics. I was then able to take those heuristics and make a compelling case, supported by data, for my client’s “next steps.” In other words, Peep provided very solid, actionable insights based upon his experience and the fact that he really “gets it” when it comes to business. As a digital analytics consultant, being able to make good business suggestions is critical to my company’s success. I am not embarrassed by any means to turn to an expert like Peep when I need a helping hand or another perspective. He has my recommendation.”

– Yehoshua Coren, Analytics Ninja

“I had great traffic for my site and good average time on site, but my bounce rate was high. I did not know what to do for the best, until I spoke with Peep. He was very responsive – took plenty time for an initial Skype session to ensure he knew where I was coming from. He produced a report within a couple of weeks (after having done a visitor survey) and spoke again with me again afterwards. The report contained very actionable points for immediate improvement and had plenty direction (including mock-ups) to reduce bounce-rate, increase return visits and ultimately improve conversion. I am now in the process of redesigning my site.”

– Elly Prior, professional-counselling.com

“The thoroughness of Peep’s analysis, ease of implementation of his recommendations and the change in how we viewed our website after he surveyed our customers was way beyond what we were expecting. And value for money? Immediate results paid for the investment within the first few days.”

– Brad Field, Better Rentals

“Peep’s review was incredibly useful, because he provides issues and actions that as a business owner you can easily understand and act on. He’s to the point which is great, is very thorough on all aspects of the site, and gives you clear steps to take to improve conversion. Since taking on his feedback my site is much clearer and the conversion has improved, and I’m now in my second phase of activity to take on his final recommendations. I’d tell anyone to use him!”

– Lauren Roe, I Love Linen

“Peep came highly recommended to us and he didn’t disappoint.

While we knew we had a few leaks in our sales funnel it was hard for us to know exactly why we were leaking and what to do about it.

Peep’s report outlined exactly what the problems were and how to fix them. After implementing almost everything on the report we were able to increase our conversion rate by 43% – generating thousands of dollars in additional revenue every week.

I highly recommend this service to anyone in the business of selling software or services online.”

– Ned Dwyer, Elto.com (Got acquired by GoDaddy)

Guys over at Tweaky even wrote a blog post about it: How Tweaky Increased Conversions 43% listening to Peep Laja

Live Conversion Reviews over Skype

Let’s talk over Skype / Hangout / Screenshare about your website, analytics data and strategy.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You purchase the live review package, and send me background information about your site over email + grant user access to your Google Analytics
  2. We schedule a mutually convenient time for a Skype call
  3. We get on the call and I will give you specific conversion feedback live during the call. You can ask me clarifying questions throughout the call + provide me with more information that wasn’t given in the initial emails.

We will go through all of your site and you will end up with specific recommendations along with the reasons why. I will also give you any strategic advice I might have.

Duration of the call: 1 hour.
Cost: $599

Reserve the consultation via PayPal: