Web page design

Web page design determines the layout of a page, including the placement of images, copy, navigation, and other elements.

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How should you design a web page?

There is no single “right” way to design a web page, but well-designed pages have a clear visual hierarchy and intuitive flow. A good page design often relies on “prototypicality” — a design that looks familiar to most web users for that type of website.

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Web page design is a massive — and critical — topic. Whether you’re trying to learn how to test various elements, or you want to get started with the baseline implementation of best practices, browse the many posts below.

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You’ll find tons of examples of exactly what to do (or not do) when it comes to designing a landing page, product page, homepage, or any other URL on your site.

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How do you design a high-converting landing page? What should get visual prominence on the homepage? How “original” should you be with your design?

Get the answers from leading experts. Our comprehensive courses will prepare you to spearhead a site design, redesign, or simply provide you with a set of principles to apply to landing pages that you build for paid ad campaigns.

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