The 10 Most-Read Articles of 2019

The 10 Most-Read Articles of 2019

Time flies when you’re having fun. We published almost 90 posts this year. Here are the articles that captured more eyeballs than any others.

10. 8 Keys to Value-Based SaaS Pricing Pages

As a SaaS company, both your product and service are unique solutions, and your pricing page should reflect that. Learn how to get value-based pricing right.

9. Cold Emails: Can They Work, Or Are They Just Spam?

When done well, cold emails can work. But they’re easy to get wrong. Here’s how to increase your chances of success with cold email.

8. How to Use Social Media for Market Research

Social media isn’t a perfect source of market research: It’s not a representative sample and, for small businesses, it’s simply too small of a sample. But it includes your most passionate fans.

7. Propensity Modeling: Using Data (and Expertise) to Predict Behavior

When we look at data and analytics, we’re focused on the past. But data becomes more valuable when we use it to predict the future instead of just analyzing the last week, month, or year. That’s where propensity modeling comes in.

6. Data Blending: What You Can (and Can’t) Do in Google Data Studio

Data blending in Google Data Studio lets you create charts based on multiple data sources. This underused (and relatively new) function can do a lot of cool things; it also has some limitations.

5. How to Use Google Data Studio for Client Reporting

“Getting great results” and “creating great reports” are very different skill sets. Google Data Studio can automate the time-intensive tasks of data compilation and report building without sacrificing important context and insights.

4. A Proven UX Research Process to Redesign Your Website

Website redesigns are a huge risk. You can throw away years of incremental gains in UX and site performance—unless you have a battle-tested process. But how do you know if your team (or the one you’ve hired) is focusing on the most important things?

3. Product Lifecycle Marketing: What Matters Most at Every Stage

Each stage of the product lifecycle has implications for marketing. But an MBA-friendly curve rarely translates to reality. The goal of product lifecycle marketing is not to match the curve but to outline what may work best now and plan for the future.

2. Business Apologies: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do

Apologizing is a human behavior that acknowledges and resolves an issue. In business, it’s more than learned behavior; it’s an essential part of a growth strategy. That’s especially true for SaaS companies that maintain long customer relationships and obsess over churn.

1. I’ve Built Multiple Growth Teams. Here’s Why I Won’t Do It Again.

Lars Lofgren spent years running growth teams. But he doubts that he’ll ever have a growth team again. In fact, he argues that most companies shouldn’t have a growth team. In this post, he tries to talk you out of building one.

Bonus: The most-watched CXL Institute lessons of 2019

Do you find yourself saying, “Yeah, yeah, I know that already,” when reading (just about) any blog post?

Courses go deeper. So what are people learning at CXL Institute? Here are the most-watched lessons from our course catalog:

  1. “The power of relevance” from our course “Heuristic analysis frameworks for CRO”
  2. “A big list of persuasion techniques” from our “Digital psychology & persuasion” minidegree
  3. “Big picture” from our “Conversion optimization” minidegree
  4. “Who are my visitors” from our course “Google Analytics for beginners”
  5. “Analytics fundamentals” from our “Conversion optimization” minidegree
  6. “How to ‘Tear Down’ Your Own Page Copy” from our course “Sales copywriting & product messaging”
  7. “FACT & ACT process” from our “Conversion optimization” minidegree
  8. “Google Tag Manager Basics” from our introductory course on “Google Tag Manager”
  9. “Introduction to heuristic evaluation” from our course “Heuristic analysis frameworks for CRO”
  10. “Getting started with Google Analytics” from our course “Google Analytics for beginners”


Happy reading, watching, and New Year! See you in 2020.

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  1. I read your articles “How to Use Social Media for Market Research” and “Cold Emails: Can They Work, Or Are They Just Spam?” few months ago and I loved them. Great insights and tips, no wonder why a lot of your readers loved them too. Looking forward to more interesting and helpful articles in 2020. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’ve learnt a lot from CXL in 2019, especially from the conversion optimisation minidegree. Keep up the awesome content!

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