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Website Reviews: How to Get More Blog Subscribers

Website Reviews: How to Get More Blog Subscribers

List building is a top priority for a blog. In this review we look at 2 different blogs, and see how good of a job they’re doing at capturing emails.

Watch this quick 4-minute review:


Blogs covered in this review:

Here’s the slide deck:

Got questions or comments about getting more email subscribers through your blog? Please add your comments below.

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  1. Peep — Thanks for the awesome insight! We’ve been wondering about that top right CTA, but it seems to be converting really well. I think we’ll test it against some more compelling copy.

    As far as the “pop up” — we’ve been finding actually a 30% increase in conversions on pages where the opt in box is not directly on the page. Our software has that feature called LeadBoxes. We’ve got tons of data to support it, but I’d LOVE to see a similar test from you to see if you get similar results.

    Thanks again for the review! Will implement some changes asap.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Really good can definitely be turned into ridiculously awesome!

      Always interested in testing out new stuff, so I’ll see when I can test it on my blog.

  2. Nice review. However, I feel I should defend Leadpages for the use of their “extra click” when subscribing to their list. They have recently released their Leadboxes feature and it’s proven that if people have already clicked to subscribe, then they are committed. If they see a signup form from the get-go, it’s a bit off putting!

    1. Hello anonymous person.

      All these reviews are edutainment. 50% of any opinion voiced is going to be either wrong or won’t make a difference. True conversion optimization is data-driven, and not done by looking at a site for 10 seconds.

      Nothing works always, nothing never works.

  3. Peep
    Thanks for all your insights, I find them good value. Clarity is essential for the message in an option form. The human brain switches to a different “box” if there are confusing and unclear messages. When that happens, the result is invariably no action – a quick switch-off!
    You made mention about “subscribe to updates” or words to that effect, and yet, your own form contains those very words – with your offer in much smaller type. Do you think that “Get actionable conversion advice” could be in much larger font? And what does “actionable conversion” mean to the ordinary pundit?

    This is not a criticism, just an observation. Have you split test to eventually come up with what is in your form?

    All the best

  4. I have a sidebar offer, a popup, a scroll triggered box – all with a value offer. The offer underneath blog posts is like this on purpose – for those whose motivation is to actually subscribe just because they want more content like they just read. Needless to say, it’s the least performing out of my 4 offers, but every bit adds to the pot.

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  6. Thank you for sharing, will try it,

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Website Reviews: How to Get More Blog Subscribers

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