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Josh Krissansen

Picture of Josh Krissansen

Josh is a Content Specialist at Grizzle, a content marketing & SEO agency, and a freelance content writer for B2B clients in the SaaS space.

Facebook Ads Ecommerce

According to Insider Intelligence, online retail sales will reach $7.4 trillion by 2025, making up around one quarter of all retail sales. 

With ad costs rising on Facebook (and across platforms), ecommerce marketers who want a slice of this pie will need to up their Facebook ad game to stand out and remain in play.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use customer insights and competitive analysis to develop a powerful Facebook ad strategy for your ecommerce that engages, converts, and drives revenue growth.

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Ecommerce marketing strategies

Since 2015, clothing brand ASOS has grown revenue by an average of 22% year over year. Not for lack of competition, but as the result of a carefully designed ecommerce marketing strategy.

This is what drives growth for online stores like ASOS, despite existing in a saturated market.

In this article, you’ll learn how to build a powerful ecommerce marketing strategy using customer research and messaging development, and how to use it to determine which marketing tactics will best reach your target audience.

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Call To Action In Writing: 7 Powerful Examples

Careful attention to CTA (call to action) copywriting is the difference between brands that drive conversions and those that only drive traffic.

Brands that slap a “Buy Now” button on a page and call it a day wonder why their campaigns fail to convert. Companies that engage in strategic CTA testing continue to drive success metrics like CTR (click-through rate) up and to the right.

CTA testing is paramount because it’s not always obvious what needs to happen for your business. Landing page platform Unbounce boosted conversion rates by 90% by changing their CTA copy from “Start your 30-day trial” to “Start my free 30-day trial.” 

In this article, we’ll explore seven powerful CTA examples from high-performing companies. You’ll learn what makes them so convincing so that you can apply these lessons in your own CTA writing.

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Cross-selling and Upselling: What to Know Before Getting Started

Upselling and cross-selling are two ways to do the same thing: grow your revenue by getting customers to spend more. It’s a mutually beneficial deal where customers get a better experience, and you get a fatter bottom line.

But many businesses jump in too early, neglecting their buyer’s intent, choosing the wrong method, and annoying customers instead of enhancing their experience.

In this article, you’ll discover what everyone’s missing about cross-selling and upselling, so you can apply today’s best practices to delight customers, deliver more value, and drive revenue growth. We’ve also written about upselling and cross-selling examples in another article.

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7 Account-Based Marketing Examples and Lessons

A precise understanding of account-based marketing fuels the success of brands like DocuSign, Dialpad, and LiveRamp. 

These businesses have driven millions in ARR by diverting the focus from spray-and-pray marketing methods to targeting (and landing) bigger, better-fit accounts.

To experience explosive growth, implement an account-based marketing strategy rooted in proven, demonstrable success.

In this article, you’ll learn how to leverage seven success stories to reach and exceed your goals.

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Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation: Integrating To Drive Growth

Bootstrapped startup Omnisend carved out a $19 million niche in an already saturated vertical. How? With a tactical understanding of two different marketing strategies: demand generation and lead generation.

While your competitors pump out gated ebooks and “state of the industry” lead magnets that generate low-to-no intent MQLs, tap into existing demand to build a pipeline of high intent leads.

In this article, you’ll learn why each marketing strategy works and walk away with an armory of tactics to fuel your own growth marketing efforts

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New product launch

No one is better at building anticipation ahead of a launch than Apple. New product launches trigger publicized spec leaks and reveal events draw crowds in the millions (over 2.7 million people watched the iPhone 12 presentation live). 

In the iPhone 13’s first quarter, it generated $71.6 billion in revenue (despite parts shortages and a global pandemic).

You don’t have to create Apple-level hype to see a successful new product launch. Trading app Robinhood launched with almost one million users thanks to a pinpointed market need and waitlist pre-launch campaign.

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Product marketing

Daniel J. Murphy is known for elevating SaaS startups to new levels of success. He helped Privy become one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., established HubSpot’s customer review program, and grew Drift’s marketing team eightfold in two years.

He helped grow these companies as a product marketing manager.

The product marketing manager (PMM) is responsible for creating and executing the product marketing strategy. It’s a vital hire for companies competing in saturated markets—which means most companies today.

In this article, you will learn the core responsibilities of the product marketing manager, plus the skills and attributes that make a truly great PMM.

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The Complete Guide to Product Marketing in 2023 and Beyond

In 2015, chiefmartec.com reported a “staggering” 1,876 SaaS vendors. In 2020, there were over 8,000. That’s some serious growth.

Drift’s CEO, Dave Cancel, says there are three phases to every industry:

  1. The Edison phase, where companies are innovating and everything is new;
  2. The Model-T phase, where companies are improving early versions, and it’s easy to stand out because you’re one of the first, and;
  3. The P&G phase, where you have to find a way to be the top 1% in a saturated market either by becoming a massive global brand or a leader in your niche.

SaaS is in the final phase. It’s now winner-take-all.

Product marketing gives you the edge to compete in this hyper-crowded market—and win. It helps you pinpoint the unique positioning and messaging that builds an emotional moat around your brand.

In this article, you’ll learn how to design an effective product marketing strategy that propels your brand to that top 1%.

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