Announcement: CXL Agency is changing

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It’s been ten years since I started the CXL Agency

We started off with a value proposition “we build websites that sell”. Most of our time went into building WordPress websites. The initial vision was to templetize and scale building conversion optimized websites. There were many problems with that, and we quickly learned, and adapted. 

Two years after the start we had evolved into a pure conversion optimization agency, and later it would become one of the world’s leading CRO agencies.

As the agency has changed and adapted over the years, so has the world.

We now live in The Retention Economy. 

For too long businesses have focused on short term wins chasing revenue over long term value. As a result VC’s now value businesses based on customer retention rather than multiples of revenue. Because customer retention is a better way of working out the true value of a business. 

The losers of the retention economy will be those who continue to focus on short term wins and vanity business metrics. 

But to thrive in this new reality, we need a shift in our thinking. 

So, as of today CXL Agency will be changing its name to Speero. But it’s way more than just a name change. 

We think CRO agencies that focus solely on conversion rate are broken. You need to think of the full customer experience, the brand, and focus on down-funnel metrics like CLTV, retention, pipeline dollars, and so forth. 

That’s why we’re shifting to focusing on Customer Experience Optimization, CXO. Speero’s new CX optimization program will include the fundamentals (research+testing), but we’ve designed new methods and processes for what we do, to improve the results we can achieve. 

The changes are;

  1. We run regular ‘research sprints’ throughout the program to gather new data, form new hypotheses and validate ideas as they arise. 

With the world changing faster than ever, you can’t just speak to customers once and be done with it. It has to be an ongoing process. Covid has made many businesses realize that consumer needs and expectations can change on a global level within a matter of days. Our research sprints mean we’re able to keep these changing needs in mind.

  1. We use data to understand and measure not only CR, but customer experience, retention, and lifetime value.

Way too often customer data sits within siloed teams across businesses. But when valid data from the entire customer journey is available it changes your focus from short term to focusing on bigger business metrics like retention. Leading to a much higher payoff from our work. 

  1. We run our experimentation maturity audit to understand and benchmark where you are when we start working together.

It helps us recommend what changes you should make in your business across tools & data, people & skills, strategy & culture, and process & methodology. We’ll do it again at the end of the 12 months, to chart your progress. 

  1. More education

We give you five free passes to CXL to fast track your team on everything CXO. We also run a number of collaborative workshops so your team can learn through working alongside our awesome team. 

  1. We map your customer journey and create data backed personas. 

By looking at the broader experience customers go through, we can create even stronger hypotheses for experimentation and drive higher revenue. 

But that’s not all, there’s more news from Speero:

My co-founder and managing director of the agency Viljo Vabrit is joining me on the board, making way for research director Ben Labay to step up as the agency’s new managing director. I know his infectious enthusiasm will help drive the agency forward. We’re lucky to have him. 

We’ve also expanded the team with some great new hires, some of their names might be familiar to you;  

Emma Travis has joined our UK team. Her previous role was head of CRO at Epiphany Search in Leeds. She brings ten years’ of experience in UX, research and CRO. Emma also has experience building and developing optimisation teams, processes and cultures, most recently at one of the UK’s fastest growing airlines. She worked with Jabra, Carphone Warehouse, Irwin Mitchell and First Direct.

Paul Randall also joins the UK team from British shoe retailer, Clarks. Paul has used a design thinking mindset to enhance customer experiences for over eight years. His empathy towards customer behaviour comes from conducting hundreds of usability studies and experiments. Paul has previously worked with Screwfix, Maximuscle and Flogas.

Two seniors hires for our US team too. Kristina Rowe, who joins us from her role as the senior digital optimization consultant at American Cancer Society. She previously worked with Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Progressive Medical.

And Jason Keough who spent the past 13 years’ as director of conversion optimization at Allianz Worldwide. He has presided over 10,000+ experiments aiming to help solve client and customer problems. He’s also worked with Delta Airlines, Priceline, Orbitz, Ticketmaster, and Tickets.com.

Great changes, great team. Check them out over on the new Speero agency website. 

Meanwhile, CXL and the blog will continue to operate under the CXL brand name, and will integrate Adeft into its offering. 

Watch this space. 

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Announcement: CXL Agency is changing