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Tommy Walker

2 Google Analytics Segments & 1 Report To Help You Better Understand Your Visitors

Knowing where to segment your Google Analytics data can be daunting. Where do you start? And how the Hell are you supposed to know if what you’re looking at is going to make any difference what-so-ever?

Trust me, I hear you. I’ve been learning more about gaining real insights from analytics myself, and my head’s been reeling from staring down the infinite possibilities.

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Two Overlooked Aspects Of Your Site Design That May Be Hurting Conversions

Normally, I dig into massive amounts of data, but today, I think we should talk about something that’s a little bit more subjective & open to interpretation – design.

Specifically, your design’s first impression, how long it takes to make that impression, and whether or not that impression is communicating the right things (or anything for that matter) about your brand. 

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4 Frameworks To Help Prioritize & Conduct Your Conversion Testing

Here’s something scary, according to MECLabs & Magento’s 2014 eCommerce Benchmark, only 13% of those studied base their testing on extensive historical data.

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Reducing churn is critical to the success of your SaaS company

David Skok, who is a must read for all startups, explains how as your SaaS companies grow, the size of your subscription base (or customers/users) increases so that any kind of churn against that base becomes a large number.

This equates to a loss of revenue, which requires more and more bookings (think signups) from new customers just to replace what you are losing every month.

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What Nike.com (and Others) Can Teach You About Building Persuasive Product Pages

With product pages, it’s often way too easy to lose sight that the goal is to actually persuade people, and instead, at least from what I can tell on 99% of the eCommerce sites I see, the pages are treated with a very clinical approach.

“Here’s the product sir, I sure do hope you buy it.”

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6 Essential Principles Of Designing a High Converting Site Search Experience

A couple weeks ago, we dug into internal site search & found that in some cases, searches performed by only 10% of the site’s total traffic made up nearly 40% of the companies overall revenue.

Then we went into my 3 favorite methods for increasing conversions by improving the search experience.

But we’ve only just scratched the surface.

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How To Convert Visitors Who Are Considering Switching From a Competitor

“I use Tide. I’ve been using Tide for the last 40 years. I’ll use Tide to wash the outfit they bury me in.”

“Uh… Thanks Grammy.” I only made the comment that her clothes smelled nice, but her conviction made me realize something very important, “even if they’re on your site, that doesn’t mean they’re going to buy from you.”

Later on, I overheard my 18 year old sister say to a friend on the phone, “Oh My God, UGH, Do what you want, but I would never be caught dead, in clothes from The Gap.”

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Finally, A Social Media Marketing Strategy That Puts You Right In The Middle Of Your Target Market

Most conversation about social media strategy sucks.

Write compelling headlines, use interesting photos, follow “influencers” Pfffft…. what a crock of shit.

I’m going to blow the doors wide open on why most social media marketing strategies are garbage & why even the halfway decent ones still aren’t nearly as effective as they could be.

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Designing Landing Pages When Your Product Is Not Unique

If you’re selling in a competitive market, you must live & die by the little things that make you uniquely different from your competition.

  • Do you have superior customer service?
  • Have you targeted a very specific segment of the market with a common complaint?
  • Are you approaching the problem in a way your competitors won’t?

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Landing Page Best Practices: Remove Distractions, Be Bold & Tell a Story

Last Friday, Oli from Unbounce & Peep teamed up for the second episode of Page Fights where they tore apart contestants landing pages & give them actionable advice & best practices on how to make their landing pages better.

The winner of Page Fights gets 1 free year of Unbounce’s Pro 99 account, a half hour private consultation with Peep & free early membership into the CXL Institute.

In this second episode, they reviewed 5 different landing pages with the page owners & went into more detail than Peep normally does in our regular website reviews, so hopefully you’ll find more value in it.

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