Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2017

Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2017

We publish a lot of well-researched content. Among all the new posts that were published in 2017, here are the ones that got the most attention.

Starting from the 10th and moving to the number 1 spot.

#10  How to Avoid Being Deceived By Data

In the hands of someone with an agenda, data can be weaponized to back up that viewpoint. Even in the hands of someone benevolent, data can be misinterpreted in dangerous ways.

Someone who wants to win an argument using data can usually do so.

#9 The Growth Marketing Process

High-growth companies simply have something most companies don’t, right? Some secret growth hack or silver bullet that skyrocketed them to household names.

Wrong. The truth is, they simply had a solid growth marketing process.

#8 A Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis can be a treasure trove of conversion optimization insights, yet it often gets skipped. And it’s not just a CRO problem – it is a marketing-wide phenomenon.

#7 Do Review Stars on Google Help Click-Through Rate? [Original Study]

What kind of improvement in CTR can we get from including review stars in search engine results, if any? What does that mean for application in your business?

#6 A Guide to Open-Ended Questions in Marketing Research

Open-ended questions get you the most value out of surveys. If you’re doing sales, open-ended questions lead to greater connection. In client meetings, open-ended questions facilitate greater communication and understanding.

#5 18 Top A/B Testing Tools Reviewed by CRO Experts

At this point in time, the field is flooded with solutions. Finding a proper A/B testing tool isn’t the problem anymore. Now, the problem is choosing the right one.

#4 How to Build Robust User Personas in Under a Month

User personas are often talked about in marketing and product design, but they’re almost never done well. This post will outline the entire process of data-driven persona building. You should be able to replicate this process after reading it (or at least follow the resources in the article to learn more about specific parts).

#3 The Beginner’s Guide to Google Optimize

Chances are, you’ve heard of Google Optimize by now. It’s Google’s solution for A/B testing and personalization.

#2 How to Deal with Outliers in Data

One thing many people forget when dealing with data: outliers.

Even in a controlled online experiment, your data set may be skewed by extremities. How do you deal with them? Trim them out, or is there some other way?

#1 6 Customer Journey Mapping Examples: How UX Pros Do It

Customer journey mapping is a widely used and impactful technique that can help you make better product, marketing, UX, and merchandising decisions.

However, like other UX research techniques (including user personas), there’s some vagueness and obscurity around how to actually create customer journey maps.


Happy reading and happy new year, see you in 2018!

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  1. Great articles — I’ve read most of them, but somehow missed the one on A/B testing. You’ve got a really solid list of recommended tools here.

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