Change traditional B2B LinkedIn Ads And Decrease Cost Per Prospect Acquisition

By changing traditional B2B LinkedIn ads and making them more colorful and entertaining, Video Brothers decreased cost per prospect acquisition on LinkedIn Native Ads.


  • The author: Chandler Quintin,  Co-founder at Video Brothers
  • The goal: Increase engagement and reduce cost per prospect acquisition by improving ads
  • The tactic: Make a change to traditional B2B LinkedIn ads and make them more colorful and entertaining
  • The result: A significant decrease in cost per prospect and a substantial increase in calls booked, indicating a successful engagement with the target audience.

What’s the marketing tactic?

The B2B advertising marketplace on LinkedIn is severely lacking in color and entertainment.

If video adverts were made to be fun and attention-grabbing it could be an easy win for ROI.

For this tactic to work, two aspects need to be considered the ads and the way users would interact with them.

The first job is to arrest the user’s attention – you need to convince them to stop scrolling. Then, once you have their attention, you need to maintain that fun and entertaining element while hitting the key ‘why?’ of your company in a clear and tonally cohesive way.

One of the central tenets of the strategy is simplicity, don’t overwhelm the user. Just stop the scroll and hit the key points with clarity.

Video Brothers have used this tactic for their own company, but they’ve been working with clients as well to improve their LinkedIn advertising in the same way.

Loxo is one they’ve been working with to great success.

What was the result?

View rates get to over 45% on average, with $0.75 per completed watch on LinkedIn Native Videos. 

To put that into context, an average LinkedIn video ad has a 15% view rate and the average cost for a completed 15-second ad normally comes in somewhere between $2 to $10.

The ads are generating roughly 30:1 ROI from the LinkedIn media spend. And the pipeline value generation is around 75:1. 

On top of that, prospect call bookings that Video Brothers are taking have rocketed up by 682% from the day before they began this new campaign.

Loxo, their client, has had similarly stellar results, and Video Brothers have been running their videos through their channels to see just how effective they are at stopping the scroll and bringing eyes to the table.

Why does it work?

This tactic offers something different from the bland B2B video advertising methods that are commonly used.

Naturally, if you stand out you will draw attention – but if you can stand out as entertaining amid a decidedly unentertaining milieu of advertising, you will not only draw attention but foster interest and delight as well.

There is a prevailing sense that if you’re advertising business to business, there is no need to include that element of fun that may entice the public consumer. But you’re still marketing to people, and people will always be drawn to something that has gone that extra mile to please and entertain.

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Change traditional B2B LinkedIn Ads And Decrease Cost Per Prospect Acquisition