Alex Birkett

Should You Optimize for Micro Conversions?

If we’re supposed to optimize what’s closest to the money, what is the value in optimizing for micro conversions?

Many blog posts have espoused this as a way to incrementally increase revenue and final conversions, but does tweaking stuff unrelated to purchase actually assist your bigger goals?

There are many different opinions on this question.

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When "Free" Converts (and When It Doesn't)

If I asked you, “what’s the most persuasive word in the English language,” what would you say?

Many would say “free” – and that may or may not be accurate. It’s one of those CRO ‘best practices’ that is often repeated but rarely discussed in detail.

There are studies that support its power, but there is also plenty of data that supports the idea of ‘free’ being detrimental to optimization.

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