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STOP blindly copying competitors! They are just as clueless

Can you achieve growth by copying your competitors? No, this is not the right growth mindset. In this episode, Peep breaks down why simply copying your competitors will not lead to the growth results you are expecting.

Speaker 1: Your competitors seem to be doing great things. Should you copy them?
Probably not.
Because in most cases your competitors are as clueless as you are. They don't know what the fuck you're doing either. So like they roll out some new feature or they roll out some new way to present their stuff and you're like oh well they must have tested that. Like what. Why not. Why why else would they roll this out. Well they probably didn't because what they probably did was they copied it from somebody else who copied it from somebody else who copied it from somebody who's blind leading the blind. So do not to not to overestimate your competition and you certainly just don't want to be the copycat. You want to be different from your competitors you want to run your own race. Just listen to customers see what works what doesn't for you because even if if you copy something that they're doing doesn't mean that the same thing will will work for you or even if it does work for them.

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STOP blindly copying competitors! They are just as clueless

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