Why Saying NO is the key to growth and success

Do you keep getting product or service requests? Are they related to your core offering? In this episode, Peep discusses how saying no to customer requests that go against your core offering is a key to business growth and successful product development. Warren Buffet says, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

Do you run an agency, offers services and people ask you for things that are not part of your car offering or maybe you're working on a SaaS startup and people keep asking you for new features. So what do you do in those cases.
You say no.
The thing is let's say that you do conversion optimization like like we have an agency that does conversion optimization. People ask us things all the time that are not related to what we do. So look there was this one guy who said hey I love you so much. I like what you do. I just want to give you money and buy from you. But I don't have a service yet or I don't think maybe it's a low traffic service. So would you please design a pitch deck for me because I just want to buy from you. Of course it's you know in a way that's tempting. It's like flattering he likes us great and wanted to give us money. Well who doesn't like money but like it's it's a distraction. Like that answer is no no no that's not what we do. We do conversion optimization. This is our core expertise. We're not a design agency because the more you do the thing that you're best at the better you get at it. And all these other things that oh maybe we should also do SEO and PPC and branding and storytelling and the la la la la. It's all a distraction and and like if you if you start doing everything and try to be everything to everybody you're stopping anybody. And the quality of work you do just goes down. Just focus on your core expertise and say no to the requests that don't inline with your core path if you if you run a software company people ask you for features all the time we get requests for CSO Institute features every single day. So what do you do with that. Of course some of it is accurate and valid. If people having usability issues like of course you fix all this stuff but like new features you want to see a who's saying that because there will be people that are asking for features that actually are not your your core audience there they don't represent your typical buyer or the people that Europe you're going after. So like yeah this like like we get we get pushed back. Oh I mean I don't want to. I want to give you money but like I don't want to subscribe to your services. Well I mean if you're subscription averse you're not the right fit to begin with. So anything you say we just couldn't disregard. Well thank you for your feedback but not going to listen to you. Don't listen to customers because they have sometimes silly it is sometimes what they say or who says it just is not a right fit for you. So you want to pay attention to people who are paying you top dollar who represent your target audience and also of course you want to make sure that you don't listen to outliers. If 10 people every day request the feature Yes it's most wanted you want to build that out that's needed it's useful provided of course that it's aligned with but the core thing that you do like in the sixth and they say that if they would say Oh well why don't you also you know enable a file sharing service. Well I mean know that that steers us away from what we're building here. So you need to stay true also to your vision and really know where you're going with your stuff. So all these requests coming in. Just make sure that you know where you're going. What's your what's your core audience core offering and just steer clear from the distractions.

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Why Saying NO is the key to growth and success