Save your support team, Stop freeloader coupon/discount requests

Do you get several messages a day from customers asking for a discount or coupon code? You probably also have a bunch of abandoned carts In this episode, Peep discusses how to reduce support requests to your customer success team and abandoned carts, just by removing the coupon code field from the checkout page. Coupons are still very important. Peep also discusses how you can still use coupon codes for special cases.

Is shopping cart abandonment an issue? A lot of people on support asking for discounts?
There is a quick and easy solution to this.
Remove coupon code fields from your checkout. We have this issue at CXL institute where every single day people were complaining on our support live chat that hey can you give me a discount can you give me a coupon like you know I want to buy something but I want a coupon and we say oh we don't do this. We always say no we don't do discounts the like well but you have a coupon code. Like what. Yeah about like this. You know I have a different way of using it then but like people see a coupon code feel and there is some thinking holy shit there's a coupon code somewhere out there. I'm not getting the best possible deal. I must go and google the coupon code. Now what happens is that while a) you can plant the coupon for yourself and that's it's a very common tactic and you should do it as well if you if you have a coupon code field so place it somewhere else if the google your coupon you want them to find something. Five bucks offer five percent off but some need to be a lot at least they feel satisfied. Yes cheating you know the system and beating the man. Like I got the coupon code. Two: what happens is that they don't find your coupon they find your competitors copy your competitors Mark. And is it advertising maybe doing PPC ads or they have an SEO or page that is ranking for a keyword your brand plus coupon or you can do that to your competitors so they find a competitor's coupon selling a similar or exactly the same product and they go buy from the competitor or they don't find a coupon and then they're angry and they're just you know and then the phone rings and their child is crying and their husband is calling and to forget about you and move on with the life and then come back. So you just want to avoid this to begin with. So basically you want to remove the coupon code field from the checkout page sometimes you probably want to or need to use coupon code. So there are two great alternatives here. A have a secret you URL where that maybe a query string that opens up the coupon Goldfield in your checkout page or you do these email coupon codes. Basically you send out the promo to e-mail list and if you if you click on the link in your email code is automatically applied already. They don't need to type anything in it just automatically applied to your cart. Yeah. So those are the two great ways to you know still be able to use coupon codes. So get rid of the field gets rid of the terrible chads reduce your cart to ban them and then live happy ever after.

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Save your support team, Stop freeloader coupon/discount requests