Brand yourself: Why you shouldn’t create a company brand

Branding is everything. But, do you really understand how hard it is to build a company brand as a solo entrepreneur? In this episode, Peep discusses why you should develop personal branding instead of a company brand.

Are you a solo service provider like just a one woman show or one man show? Then be yourself, not a company.
No let's say your name is Jack Johnson or Suzy Collins and you
want us No no no actually I'm like Red Bird interactive. It's very very hard for you to do build that company brand. The Red Bird Interactive which is just you Susie it's very hard. It's it's like an uphill battle to just try to create a company that people will respect and follow but it's so much easier to brand yourself as the expert that people want to buy from give money to that they build a connection with start liking you as a person. It's so much easier to build a personal brand. Also your Red Bird interactive like you're embarrassed by being just a small potato just you one person right. That's why you're doing it. You want to appear big in a prominent like more established or whatever whatever it is. That's B.S. You want to own being small. That's your advantage that you're small. Look at the big companies Apple Google Tesla Microsoft they all have also a person that is famous from the company you know like you know whether it's Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or whoever. It's much easier to relate to a human being who is the embodiment of that brand. Like how many employees does Microsoft have right. Well it's oh no it's such a Nadella. The CEO was still like the in bottom the human beat that a human face behind the company we want to connect that person that that's the new Microsoft right. So as a person that is your unique angle just like how many let's say you do paper click. How many people are doing paper click. One hundred thousand or maybe millions like everybody and their mother seem to be doing PPC these days so why choose you Redbird interactive instead of. You know this other other other person. It's very hard for you to distinguish yourself as a company but as a person I'm going to like you. And then I want to buy from you it's so so much easier to just be you. So own it be yourself and put yourself out there.

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Brand yourself: Why you shouldn’t create a company brand