Avoid the sea of sameness, do your research!

Have you looked at your competition? They probably are very similar to you and that’s not helping you make more money. In this episode, Peep discusses why research and building your brand is key to stand out against the sea of sameness.

What do you do if what you say about your company on your website is exactly the same what everybody else is saying, like your competitors saying on the website. This is a very typical case so the other day I was Googling or I was checking out the competition for CXL institute. You know just going you know from one web site to another and evaluating the value propositions and seeing how they're presenting their you know their business. And basically my conclusion was in this market in this online learning space is the sea of sameness pretty much everybody is saying the exact same things about themselves. And this is probably very true about you as well. Have you done research like looking into your next project management software or invoicing billing accounting one of those you know it's a commodity that projects products most often what you see is that everybody is saying the exact same thing that some are doing a little better job than others maybe design or copy wise but essentially it boils down to the very same logical rational arguments. So what do you do you invest in your brand. Your brand is what's going to going to set you apart. Do you sell an idea. And if people are going to like that idea the story they're going to buy from you not these other guys even though on paper they can rationally. It's pretty much the same stuff but they're just like they're like how you position yourself like they'd like to buy into the idea that you really represent the idea that you hold in their brain about you whenever you give people an emotional reason to buy from you they'll go for that.

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Avoid the sea of sameness, do your research!