The 10 Most-Read Articles of 2020

Where to start? This year was…something. Despite everything going on, we still published, and you still read—and got better at data-driven marketing.

Here are the most read articles of the year.

10. Machine Learning for Paid Ads: Best Practices in a New Era

While “machine learning” has been talked about by marketers and advertisers for years, it’s no longer something you can ignore. If you’re not using the machine-learning capabilities of popular ad platforms, you’re getting left behind. Here’s how to keep up—and get ahead.

9. 30+ Killer New Content Ideas in 30 Minutes (and How to Prioritize Them)

Creating quality content consistently is incredibly challenging, even for the most experienced marketers. At some point, everyone’s content ideation well runs dry. Here’s how to refill yours—based on what your business needs most—in just 30 minutes.

8. How to Use Google Optimize & Tag Manager for Personalization

Personalizing your marketing efforts is one of the most effective ways to get ahead. While using Google Optimize for personalization has its limitations, Google Tag Manager can overcome them. Learn how.

7. UTM Parameters: A Complete Guide for Traffic Attribution

On the surface, using UTM parameters may seem simple. But only a thoughtful strategy will give you the data you need. Go beyond the basics and learn everything you need to know about using UTM parameters for traffic attribution.

6. Behavior-Based Attribution Using Google BigQuery ML

Multi-channel attribution is valuable—and difficult. Google BigQuery ML can make it far easier and more useful. Learn how.

5.  Differentiation Strategy

Marketing is a game of attention. You must differentiate your company to get it, yet hardly anyone does. What’s the secret to standing out from your competition? How can you avoid being overlooked? Stop chasing trendy tactics and build a real differentiation strategy.

4. How to Use Google Data Studio to Build Better Dashboards

Data is valuable only if it influences decision-making. Informative, elegant dashboards are an essential part of that process. Here’s how to use Google Data Studio to better understand (and take action on) your data.

3. On-SERP SEO: The Future of SEO

It’s no longer enough to rank first among the blue links. Learn how to optimize a search results page for more organic visibility in 2020 and beyond.

2. How to Scale Organic Traffic (Without Writing a Million Blog Posts)

How do you rank for millions more keywords without producing thousands of new articles? Learn the content marketing process that’s worked for Quora, Spotify, and other widely successful organizations.

And, drum roll please…the most read CXL article this year:

1. Marketing and Growth Lessons for Uncertain Times

Uncertainty. Anxiety. Risk. Crises are challenging times. “Marketing” may seem secondary. But nothing gets better if we stand still. Let’s take an honest look at how marketers can continue to thrive.

Bonus: The most-watched CXL lessons of 2020

In addition to publishing 80+ articles on the blog, CXL was hard at work shipping new courses, launching 40+ trainings to help marketers level up.

Here are the most-watched lessons: 

10. “Conversion-Focused Formatting & Layout” from our Sales copywriting and product messaging course.

9. “Tracking Engagement: Clicks & Time” from our Google Tag Manager for beginners course. 

8. “Message Hierarchies” from our Sales copywriting and product messaging course.

7. “Mining Messages From Your Customers” from our Sales copywriting and product messaging course.

6. “The Golden Ads strategy” from our Facebook ads course. 

5. “Research to get insights for your A/B tests” from our A/B testing mastery course. 

4. “Getting Started: Filters: The Basics” from our Google Analytics for beginners course. 

3. “B2B: Content Strategy for Lead Generation” from our Content Strategy course. 

2. “Crafting Effective Unique Value Propositions” from our Sales copywriting and product messaging course. 

1. “How to Conduct a Copy Teardown” from our Sales copywriting and product messaging course.


On behalf of the entire CXL team, thank you for reading. We’ll see you in 2021! Happy New Year! 

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