Generate $375K with Account-Based Marketing

By running a campaign tailored to potential target customers on LinkedIn, and testing if this account-based marketing approach could yield results on a larger scale, Andrei generated $375K.


  • The author: Andrei Zinkevich, Co-Founder of Fullfunnel.io
  • The goal: Open up new sales opportunities and target high-value potential partners.
  • The tactic: Run a marketing campaign tailored to certain potential target customers on LinkedIn, and test if this account-based marketing approach could yield results on a larger scale.
  • The result: In three months, they generated $375K with five new sales opportunities and one re-engagement sales opportunity.

What’s the marketing tactic?

Fullfunnel was working with a client in the video streaming industry and wanted to help them break into a new marketing channel. 

They decided to attempt a pilot scheme where they would target specific profiles on LinkedIn that had huge upside if Fullfunnel’s client could make a sale to them.

Beginning on a small scale, they created a brand new ABM team (Account-Based Marketing). 

They then ran a lot of customer research and started optimizing the members of that team for their engagement with the targets on LinkedIn. 

Once everyone’s individual pages were refreshed with new covers, and “about” paragraphs, they began scoring and assessing possible clients to find those who matched the ICP (ideal customer profile).

Different angles were used to accomplish this: 

  • Locating the profiles of anyone who’d signed up for one of the client’s webinars in recent months. 
  • Gathering information and insights from Albacross. 
  • Utilizing the pre-existing pipeline.

With these high-value potential targets identified, the ABM team started an engagement campaign that consisted of regular posting, replying to comments, and connecting to the targeted accounts. 

They would also use their new and optimized LinkedIn profiles to distribute content that matched the problems the client could solve for the targets.

By having a dedicated team consistently pressing on with the engagement campaign, they were able to develop their relationships with the target accounts and nurture the customers through the various stages of the customer journey

Accounts that weren’t engaging would be followed up via email or Slack, and those that did engage back would be delivered further, increasingly personalized content.

What was the result?

In just three months of this pilot program, the team:

  • Made 5 valuable connections. 
  • Re-engaged one sales opportunity.
  • $375K for the client.

Why does it work?

This is a structured way to approach opening up new marketing channels. 

The account-based marketing is a slightly reversed form of marketing that begins with the connections and works back from there through engagement, to develop the content and marketing material.

The hyper-targeted aspect of the tactic blends well with a small pilot test, as it’s possible to target as few accounts on LinkedIn as you want and minimize the work going into it. 

This involved blocking one hour per day for the whole team to establish connections with the client, and this allowed Fullfunnel to assess the effectiveness of the tactic without pouring too many resources in at once.

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Generate $375K with Account-Based Marketing