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Rob Balon

Dr. Rob Balon runs The Benchmark Company, a strategic market research and analysis firm in Austin, Tx. He holds a PhD from the U of Michigan.

Benchmark clients have included Sirius/XM, Bloomberg Financial, Dell, St. David’s Health Care Partnership, Newsstand, The Austin Chamber of Commerce, and other firms across a wide range of disciplines.

Reach him at [email protected]

Pricing Research: The One Factor Everyone Forgets About

Product pricing strategy is something no business (that wants to make money) can avoid. Some use various consumer research methods. Some do seat of the pants kind of stuff.

But whatever strategy you use, there’s one thing that will always affect your pricing strategy.

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You're Irrational: How to Avoid Cognitive Blind Spots in Qualitative Analysis

Bias as a problem in qualitative research and analysis is as old as, well, qualitative research.

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