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Ruben Ugarte

Ruben Ugarte is the founder of Practico Analytics, which helps startup founders use analytics data to grow their products and companies.

He created a short video that will help you properly implement product analytics tools like Mixpanel and Amplitude so you can see exactly what your users are doing and how to get them to come back to your product. As a ConversionXL reader, you can get it all at practicoanalytics.com/conversionxl.

Product Analytics: A Comprehensive Guide

According to Amplitude, product analytics “show you who your users are, what they want, and how to keep them.”

I remember the first time that a client told how they were able to increase their sign-up rate for their product by 22% while reducing their marketing costs. The secret to their success?

They simply used their analytics data to make informed decisions.

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saas app data

Data is the life blood of any SaaS company. Data will empower you to make better decisions and help you grow faster. However, few companies make the most of their existing data or get access to the data they need.

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