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David Vogelpohl

David Vogelpohl is the Vice President of Web Strategy at WP Engine, a premium managed WordPress host servicing large customers like TechCrunch and Warby Parker. David’s team at WP Engine focuses on CRO, web development, business intelligence, and online advertising. Since 1996, David has been managing online marketing campaigns and web development efforts in support of a wide range of websites and monetization models. Through his speaking at national events like Affiliate Summit, Pubcon, and WordCamps, David is an avid contributor to the community and a 20 year veteran at using the web to drive revenue.

The Battle of the Brand: CRO vs. Branding


It’s cold. It’s undeniable. It’s absolute. It’s infallible.

Or is it?

As CROs we tend to boil the world of human behavior, intent, and action into neat rows in a spreadsheet. We weave our assumptions together with formulas in order to break down complex interactions into absolute spreadsheet cells valued by the number of the digits they contain.

It’s math. We can’t be wrong!

But we are wrong. We’re wrong a lot. Our entire existence is built around being wrong.

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