Darshan Somashekar

Darshan has built and sold two startups, drop.io, a media sharing startup that was acquired by Facebook in 2010, and Imagine Easy Solutions, which was acquired by Chegg.

Additionally, he served as Chegg’s VP of Product for its newly formed Writing Tools group through 2019 and is now focused on brain-training startup Solitaired. He’s also a Venture Partner at TMV.vc. Follow him on LinkedIn

How to Build a Beloved Product Without Email Marketing

My co-founder and I consider his sister to be a trusted confidant. So when she told us that she’s uncomfortable providing her email address to companies—including ours!—and didn’t want more email clogging up her inbox, it made us stop in our tracks. 

Could this be true across the board? We dug into our data and quickly discovered that our users shared her sentiment.

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