Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans, Chief Advertising Officer at Closed Loop, has more than 20 years of experience in digital advertising. She has helped some of the world’s largest companies develop and manage their digital advertising strategies.

Amanda is an international speaker with a passion for data-driven marketing, marketing strategy, and consumer behavior. Amanda holds an MBA from San Jose State University and a BSC from Santa Clara University.

Machine Learning for Paid Ads: Best Practices in a New Era

Digital advertising relies on serving the right ad to the right audience in real time. The better we get at that, the better we do—that’s the industry mantra, and for a reason.

We’ve witnessed vast improvements in the volume and accuracy of customer data, and worked in increasingly sophisticated ad platforms. 

Machine learning and AI improve the ability to recognize patterns and pull the right responses from a database. Anyone who doesn’t learn to use the AI features of ad platforms now will be left behind. Many already have been. 

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