Allen Burt

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Allen Burt is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Blue Stout, a digital agency specializing in ecommerce solutions. He also heads up the Do It Better blog which delivers articles and in-depth case study analyses of ecommerce companies. You can keep up with Allen on Twitter @allenburt to learn about his outdoor adventures and read up on his ecommerce advice.

Cart Regeneration

A Rejoiner study found that over 50% of the cart abandonment emails they send are opened on a device that is different than the one the customer originally abandoned on.

A typical situation is a person browsing your site on mobile, perhaps adding items to their cart as a “wishlist”, then never completing their purchase.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could email them with the exact items they’d left in their cart, and restore their cart with those items, no matter what device they use when they click through your email reminder?

That’s the beauty of cart regeneration, a feature that online retailers often overlook in their cart abandonment email strategy. It’s key to boosting online sales.

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