Trina Moitra

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Trina is the Head of Growth at Convert, leading a growth & branding team of seven, to build a demand-driven, content-fed business engines. She specializes in taking DTC brands from seven figures to eight figures.

Multi-Faceting Your DTC Brand to Optimize Email Revenue

Presumably, you know your product’s USP. 

As part of your customer, product, and market research, you’ll probably have a clear idea of not only what your USP is, but how that USP benefits your customer, how it fits into the wider market, and all the potential implications for your business that comes with those things.

You shouldn’t stop there though. Multi-faceting your brand is about saying ‘ok, we’ve got our USP, but what other sides of the product should we be leveraging? How do they benefit your customers, how do they fit into the wider market, and what are their potential implications?

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