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Raphael is the founder of SplitBase, the only conversion optimization agency that specifically helps fashion, lifestyle and luxury brands sell more online. They’ve created the High-End Conversion Engine, and the Testing Trifecta; frameworks for scoring and improving luxury ecommerce websites. Download the frameworks, or learn more about luxury ecommerce on their blog.

5 Critical Factors for Optimizing Luxury Ecommerce Sites

Selling high-end goods, services or experiences isn’t the same thing as selling the low and mid-tier alternatives.

And in the 1990’s, Ford Motor Group learned that the hard way. They bought high-end car brands like Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover thinking they would be able to successfully grow these brands using the same marketing and operational methods that made Ford so successful.

And for nearly 20 years, Ford’s luxury division lost money until it was sold off in 2007.

The key learning here was that the techniques that work for mass-market products don’t work for luxury goods or services.

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When trying to boost conversions, whether it’s on a signup screen or a landing page, it’s a default for many optimizers to generate hypotheses based on best practices and what’s generally “known” to be a problem.

A landing page that doesn’t display well on mobile is a perfect example. Someone might shout “it’s not responsive” and then resize the page properly for mobile use.

But that won’t solve the real issue… because the truth about most low converting landing pages on mobile isn’t just that they don’t resize properly, but that they have been written, designed, built… with no mobile context in mind.

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SaaS Lead Nurturing

When you’re trying to boost revenue and the number of paying users for a SaaS, your website and signup page are only one piece of the puzzle. Optimizers tend to forget that the entire funnel requires optimization.

Focusing on your signup page will help you increase trial signups upfront. But the major questions are:

  1. Are paid signups significantly going to go up?
  2. Would increasing free trials result in churn increasing?

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