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Nick Disabato is a designer and writer. He runs Draft, a small consultancy that uses research-driven A/B testing to grow clients’ revenue.

He wrote Value-Based Design, a primer for designers to focus on conversion; Cadence & Slang, a bestselling overview of interaction design; and Ecommerce Conversion Rate Academy, an end-to-end course for starting an optimization program in your organization.

His latest course, Ecommerce Email Mastery, is now available, and you can get one of his QA deep dives for free.

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I don’t have to convince you that email is important:

  • Email is a cost-effective way to get sales. Converting customers from your mailing list costs less than converting the same number via advertising.
  • Email includes your most-interested customers. The majority of your list is composed of people who’ve already placed an order, so you know that they’re willing to buy (though it still takes effort to win back customers.)
  • Email maxes out revenue from big sale periods. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales represented $123 billion in revenue in 2018. And, according to Klaviyo, emails initiated 30% of those sales.

But do you work on your email? Is email an actively managed and QA’d operation in your business?

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