Meelis Ojasild

Meelis Ojasild

Meelis Ojasild is the Email Marketing Manager at Pipedrive, and formerly filled a similar role at Amazon.

He’s passionate about trekking and changing the education system, which he plans to achieve as a Co-Founder at Kypsis, a language learning startup.

You can follow him on Twitter.

Newsletter List Cleanup

If you are an email marketer, chances are that the majority of the articles you read are about growing your list, getting more opens, clicks, etc.

But what if your list is growing thanks to all those tips for improvement, but the open and click rates actually deteriorate? Are you doing something wrong? Not necessarily.

The thing is that leads age – they become uninterested in what you have to offer for a variety of reasons (job changes, bankruptcy, already found a better product/service, etc.) Or they just don’t bother to open your emails.

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