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Glebs Vrevsky and Alex Hodakovskis

Glebs is a co-CEO of Scandiweb, an ecommerce-focused digital agency for B2B and B2C companies with deep expertise on the Magento platform and Progressive Web Apps.

As the founder of Scandiweb’s Growth Team, he brings growth insights to bootstrapping startups, digital merchants, and Fortune 500 enterprises that want to generate bigger revenues online, with projects for Walmart, Thomson Reuters, The New York Times, Happy Socks, Rockar Jaguar Land Rover, along with many others.

Alex is a PWA evangelist on a journey to bring mobile ecommerce to a new level with the open-source ScandiPWA initiative. His days consist of leading product development, supporting the open-source community, and building new relationships with everyone thrilled about PWA.

Progressive Web Apps: What Do Marketers Need to Know?

Often, marketing creativity encounters technical limitations. A web page can load only so fast. UX is constrained by browsers. Cutting-edge solutions are accessible only to those with large budgets.

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