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Smriti Chawla

Smriti Chawla is a Content Marketer with VWO, the A/B testing tool that helps marketers improve their website conversion rate. Sign-up for a free 30-day trial to start testing or click here to explore their case studies.

3 Common CRO Mistakes that Beginners Often Make

When most beginners start with conversion rate optimization, they get carried away by the rosy picture of A/B testing. Let’s test button colors! Or maybe call to action text! That should get us a win of at least 30-50%…I think.

Unless you’re a giant like Amazon, you need to go beyond the random let-us-change-button-color-today kind of tests to move the needle through A/B testing. It’s not about tactics. It’s about the reaction your design creates in the mind of your visitors.

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5 Popular eCommerce Trends That Might Be Costing You Conversions

From image carousels to social media logins, trends spread like wildfire in the eCommerce industry.

But, have you ever stopped to question the business implications of following these trends?

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