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Ecommerce marketing

Ecommerce marketing is marketing for companies that sell physical products online. Ecommerce marketing places added emphasis on product page layouts and the flow of consumers from product browsing through a completed checkout.

Typically, ecommerce marketers have stronger attribution data and shorter sales cycles compared to B2B and lead-generation websites.

Just getting started? Want to take a deep-dive into ecommerce marketing? Choose from dozens of blog posts, full-length courses, and other resources to master the discipline before you launch your next campaign.

What makes a good ecommerce marketing strategy?

Different ecommerce sites face different challenges. A large site selling relatively inexpensive products (e.g. wine, socks) often succeeds when filters and search functions make products easily discoverable.

In contrast, a lesser-known site with a few expensive products must build consumer trust quickly and have a strategy in place to nurture site users, who are less likely to buy on their first visit.

Get expert insights on ecommerce marketing

From optimizing product images to streamlining the checkout flow, a great ecommerce site must succeed in virtually every aspect of online marketing—compelling design, great copy, intuitive UX, etc.

Blog posts on ecommerce marketing

Our posts on ecommerce marketing cover each component, including the ecommerce tangents of well-covered topics. For example, you’ll find posts on copywriting but also posts on writing effective product descriptions. SImilarly, other articles tackle the nuances of ecommerce landing pages and content marketing strategies.

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

    By Peep Laja

    Learn exactly how to put your value proposition to work and increase conversions with persuasive copy and UX / design.

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Ecommerce marketing courses

The best part about optimizing an ecommerce site is the instant results—you can see a bump in real dollars almost immediately (rather than waiting the months it may take for a B2B site to realize a similar ROI).

Our ecommerce courses detail strategies from industry-leading practitioners on how to improve the usability and persuasiveness of your website, from near-universal UX principles to the minutiae of A/B testing.

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