Conversion Research

Give Your Conversions a Serious Lift By Following The Money Data

Don’t follow your gut, don’t listen to your colleagues and don’t copy your competitors. Real lifts in conversions come from data, not opinions and guesses.

After we’ve done with your site, we will tell you *exactly* what you need to do to boost conversions on your site – based on actual data. Conversion optimization is essentially doing marketing better. Evidence based marketing and data-driven design are what you need in order to stay one step ahead from everyone else.

It’s a blind leading the blind world out there (and you can be the exception)

Everyone is copying everyone else. Everyone has an opinion. The truth is that opinions don’t matter and your competitors probably don’t know what they’re doing.

Marketing without actual data is like driving blind – you can only go so far with your gut feeling. Real boosts in conversions come through hard, juicy data. And we’re going to help you get it. Every single day with poor conversions is essentially wasted money. Let’s put the money you’re currently saying “no” to into your pocket.  Conversion Research will take you from “I think that … ” and “in my opinion …” to “I know”. And that’s huge.

You might think you have a great website – good design, professional copywriting, great offer – and you’ve put a lot of thought put into in. But the results are not what you could be happy with. You know you can do better. 

Do you know…

  • … why people buy the type of products and services you sell? What’s the end-benefit they’re after?
  • … why they’re not buying more from you?
  • … what are their main concerns? Doubts and hesitations?
  • … what puts them off?… which steps in your sales funnel scare people?
  • … which parts of your website cause the most friction and turn buyers away?
  • … what they’d like to know, but can’t find on your site?
  • … which mistakes are costing you dearly?
  • … which part of your websites are actually performing well and should be kept?

We’re going to help you find out. In fact, we’ll tell you exactly what to do to lift your conversions.

Who this is for

This is perfect for

  • websites that either sell something or generate leads (as opposed to wanting people to click on ads)
  • web developers and agencies that need to boost conversions for their clients

You also need to have a proven business model: no conversion miracle is going to help you if people don’t want what you sell.

Increasing conversions sets you on the path of dominating your space

Once you increase revenue per visitor, customer acquisition costs get lower, you can spend more on advertising, can outsource more work, and you’re going to be exponentially more likely to dominate. (Hope your competition won’t be too angry)

The bottom line: what this is about

You need help with increasing your conversions. Our team of top conversion experts will come in, set up data collection and gather intelligent data for about 30 days. Once we have all the data we need, we’ll go deep and analyze everything.

The end-deliverable: what you’re going to get

We come in, have a long phone call with you to learn all we can about your business, set up all necessary data collection and then go deep into the analysis. Once we’re done with the analysis, we’ll sum up our finding into an actionable report.

So the end deliverable is a written report detailing key insights about your customers and your website. It will outline specific changes you should make to your website. It will give you general feedback, but also specific feedback page by page.

We present all of our findings over a conference call where we answers all of your questions and can discuss the implementation.

Conversion Research Service

This is what we’ll do when you order conversion research from us:

  • Make sure your analytics software is tracking the right stuff; if needed set up funnel tracking and other action tracking
  • Set up heatmap and clickmap tracking to know where people click and where they don’t
  • Install scrollmap tracking so we can see how and whether people scroll on your site
  • Set up exit surveys on key pages in your sales funnel to figure out why people didn’t take action (buy, sign up etc)
  • Usability testing with 10 people (who match your ideal customer profile) to discover any and all friction points on your current site – and to see what’s working
  • We’ll analyze your website against all the major conversion frameworks to identify shortcomings
  • Competitive analysis: how you stack up against the competition
  • Customer surveys (at least 100 people) to understand who they are, why they buy and how they buy
  • Digital analytics analysis to discover where the money is leaking out, and which behaviors are correlated with more purchases

Once you get the report, you’ll have a specific road map to boosting conversions.

Delivery time: 30 to 4o days (10 to 30 days of data collection depending on your traffic; up to 5-10 days of analysis and report writing).

Cost: $14,900

What happens *after* the research has been completed?

Once we complete the conversion research, we’ll share all of our findings via written report (pdf document) and discuss it with you over Skype / phone.

What follows is up to you. You can just take the advice and implement it all yourself. If you might need help with the execution, here are some possible scenarios. We can

  • build wireframes based on the research that you can take to turn into a design. Final deliverable: wireframes for new screens (in bmml and pdf format).
  • build wireframes *AND* design a whole new layout for your site. Final deliverable: New conversion optimized design, handed over in PSD files
  • do the whole thing: from wireframes to design to software development. Final deliverable: New or heavily modified working website.

We don’t need to figure this stuff out right now. Right now the focus is on finding out *what* should be done in the first place to take your conversions to the next level.

Let’s get started!