SaaS marketing

SaaS marketing is marketing for a SaaS (Software as a Service) product. SaaS marketing focuses not just on an initial sale but also on user onboarding and retention.

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What’s unique about a SaaS marketing strategy?

SaaS marketing strategies may be traditional marketing- or sales-led strategies. Unique to SaaS, they may also be product-led strategies. Product-led strategies use a free trial or freemium version as the primary means of customer acquisition, engagement, and conversion.

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Challenges for SaaS marketers span many disciplines—the key to a successful campaign may be great email onboarding, analysis of in-app analytics, or A/B testing of pricing page variations.

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Our posts cover each of those challenges (and many others). If you don’t yet know basic SaaS metrics or product-led strategies, start there. Then dive deeper into posts on unique pricing experiments, onboarding flows, or dozens of other topics.

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Reading about the unicorns in the SaaS industry won’t help you get your product off the ground. Our expert instructors have worked with hundreds of SaaS companies at all stages of growth.

Whether you’re trying to find out if a free trial or freemium model will work for your product, or you know you need to revamp your email campaigns, get actionable strategies and tactics from leading practitioners.

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