Adobe Analytics for beginners

Learn Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is considered the Rolls Royce of the digital analytics tools. It is super fast, it allows you to build very powerful reports, conduct deep dives, and avoid data sampling.

Online course:
Adobe Analytics for beginners

By Fiona De Brabanter, Digital Analytics & Optimization Expert

Course length: 5h 22min

Some of the companies that train their teams at CXL Institute:

Adobe Analytics is a leading digital analytics tool for measuring the performance of your digital assets (websites, mobile apps, and marketing campaigns).

If you already know Google Analytics or digital analytics as such, it’s actually quite easy to get going in Adobe Analytics. There are some critical differences, and you will learn what they are.

This course will help you gather actionable insights with Adobe Analytics to make informed decisions.

Introduction video (1 min)


Fiona is a fantastic digital analytics expert. Her coaching & training helped Generali Insurances to successfully develop the foundations of their digital analytics platform and build bridges with customer, marketing & product analytics to get a holistic view of what the users are doing, what the user intent is and what motivates them online. It was a pleasure working with her. @ ING and @ Generali.

Mireille Gaupin, Manager Online Department @ Generali

What this course will teach you

In just 5 hrs and 22 mins you will:

  • Get an understanding of key concepts of Adobe Analytics, and how to use different metrics.
  • Explore the Analysis Workspace with reports, dashboards, and other tools of Adobe Analytics.
  • Look at how to set up and track campaigns, and how best to leverage Report Builder.
  • Create and interpret mobile, video, path, visitor profile, retention, and other popular reports.
  • Use the powerful custom segments and calculated metrics features.

In just 6 sessions, you’ll be able to…

  • Have a clear understanding of the terms and metrics used in Adobe Analytics
  • Understand conversion and traffic variables
  • Be able to create and manipulate reports, use metric- and item-level reports
  • Build and share dashboards
  • Create custom dashboards in the workspace
  • Know how to generate management reporting dashboards
  • Create and use calculated metrics
  • Set targets and alerts
  • Work with ecommerce reports
  • Track campaigns and leverage marketing attribution
  • Get data into Excel with Report Builder
  • Be able to create and apply segmentation effectively
  • Be able to set up and review conversion funnels for sales, leads, and other outcomes
  • Understand customer behavior for key conversion journeys
  • Be able to measure and monetize channel performance

After taking this course, you’ll be able to navigate the reporting interface efficiently, create engaging dashboards to answer stakeholder questions, and configure reports for effective decision-making.

Using hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to segment your data, create calculated metrics, implement powerful visualizations for analysis, perform more sophisticated and intelligent analysis on marketing performance using attribution metrics, and share your reports.

This course is for you if…

  • You are a marketer or an analyst looking to leverage the benefits of Adobe Analytics
  • You already know Google Analytics, and are looking to add on Adobe Analytics skills.
  • You are looking to optimize your website, mobile app, and marketing
  • You want to learn how to use Adobe Analytics successfully after implementation
  • You know there’s more to Adobe Analytics than the reports you occasionally look at, but you don’t quite know where to start.

This course is designed for marketers, product managers, IT, and communications professionals who need to understand their customers’ online behavior, web content performance, and campaign ROI using Adobe Analytics.

This course is NOT for you if you…

  • Are totally new to the digital marketing landscape
  • Have no basic knowledge of what digital analytics is
  • Don’t like data
  • Are looking for a guide on the technical implementation of Adobe Analytics

I strongly recommend to follow Fiona’s online courses. She differentiates herself from other trainers because she guides you to get and stay on the right track to turn your data into business possibilities.

Pieter Vantieghem, digital communication strategist

Designed for marketers looking to get organized, optimize, and improve their marketing campaign efforts

This course is appropriate for any level of marketing expertise and anyone looking to improve how they build, execute, and launch marketing campaigns.

Students should have experience building or working on marketing campaigns and projects to benefit most from the framework and strategies presented in this course.

Fiona De Brabanter

Specialized in Digital Analytics and Conversion Optimization, she has consulted with some of the biggest brands in Belgium and trained hundreds of people to do it themselves. She likes nothing better than getting to the good stuff and skipping the fluff.

Before focusing on all things data, she built and maintained the websites of some well-reputed private bankers. Her clients were interested in their site performance, which lead her to discover the greatness of Digital Analytics in 2006.

Seeing how easy it was to collect data and report on trends, Fiona loved to show people how to understand and apply their data to improve their online marketing and digital channels.

Fiona is a true Digital Analyst. Not only does she have an in-depth technical background of the possibilities Adobe Analytics, but she can also quickly acquire the business knowledge to transform the rows and columns of the raw data into real business insights. We were very impressed by her dedication to deliver added value for her customer, i.e. us.

Wim van Heusden, eHR Consultant @ ABI

Your full course curriculum

Adobe Analytics for beginners

Lesson 1

Starting out with Adobe Analytics

Lesson Objectives:

  • Know your key business objectives and how to measure them
  • Understand how Adobe Analytics collects data
  • Introduction to Analysis Workspace

Lesson 2

Navigating Analysis Workspace

Lesson Objectives:

  • Explore the Analysis Workspace menu options

Lesson 3

Building Workspace projects

Lesson objectives:

  • Now that you are familiar you with the Analysis Workspace interface elements, you will create a project and add components (dimensions, metrics, segments, date ranges) to the freeform panel.
  • Drilling down to the right data points.

Lesson 4

Visualising data in Workspace projects

Lesson objectives:

  • Bring data to life with the visualizations options Analysis Workspace has to offer.
  • Learn skills and actions that will help you provide powerful insights to your organization in the most consumable format.

Lesson 5

Expand your skills in Analysis Workspace

Lesson objectives:

  • Make it easy for others to use and understand your findings.
  • Curate and share components and projects.
  • Use (custom) templates to enable novice analytics users.

Lesson 6

An introduction to Report Builder

Lesson objectives:

  • Install & login to Report Builder
  • How to use Report Builder
  • Helpful tips & tricks

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