Conversion optimization & experimentation event

CXL Live brings together the best in online experimentation, in a relaxed atmosphere. Learn what works best, get a ton of ideas, and build relationships with industry peers.

October 16-17
Austin TX

This event focuses on relationship building

It’s very hard to build a relationship over Zoom, but it doesn’t take much to continue one on Zoom. That’s why in-person conferences matter.

That’s not to say content doesn’t matter: it does, and we’ve always brought our A-game. But high-quality content is table stakes. And in the end, other things matter more. 

This event focuses on building authentic relationships and spending quality time with other like-minded people. You are guaranteed to meet people with a similar role at a similar company working on the same challenges that you are.

You don’t go to events for recycled content you can see on YouTube

Events are not about the content. People forget what one or another speaker said. Most content is available on YouTube anyway, or might be better as a podcast.

What virtual events and online content can’t deliver is human relationships. Conferences are made for lasting professional relationships. That’s the whole point.

We will match you up with people you need to meet

Half of the event is designed for meeting people. We hand-curate whom you should meet.

You have very specific problems and goals. There are people who have the exact same goals, and have already figured it out. You should talk!

CXL live focuses on building authentic relationships and spending quality time with other like-minded people. Conferences can be great, but most people don’t go for the powerpoint presentations.

And shared experiences unite people – making these relationships much stronger than a random encounter.

How the match making happens

We start by surveying every attendee about what they’re working on, key goals, and obstacles.

Based on what you tell us, we will:

  1. create dedicated discussion roundtables, so people working on similar things get together and learn from each other.
  2. match you with up with relevant folks for 60-min small group roundtables

This way you get to actually learn how something is done while becoming fast friends.

Tickets & registration

All tickets include:

  • Full access to the event
  • Great parties with your peers
  • Lifelong business connections
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