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Step-by-step playbooks for every task in marketing.

90% of the tasks in marketing are not unique. Someone out there has already figured out the optimal way to do it.
We turned each task into a 10-step playbook.

  • Just-in-time learning: turn to playbooks when you’re actually working on a task.
  • Less reading, more doing: learn for 10 minutes, implement in the next 10. 
  • Save time explaining: delegate tasks to juniors or VAs by linking to playbooks.

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The old way.
You know very little about X.
Here's everything you need to know about X.
The new way.
I need to do this very specific task right now.
What's the best way to do this task?

Expert playbooks for when you need them

Whenever you’re working on a task and are not sure what the best way to go about it is, we have a playbook for it. You can just follow our step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Just-in-time learning is focused on meeting the learner’s need when it arises, rather than pre-scheduled education sessions that occur regardless of the immediacy or scope of need.

Playbooks are meant to be consumed when you’re actually working on a task.

What’s a playbook?

Every playbook is essentially a 10-step checklist, created by hand-picked experts.

We’ve identified top experts in their field that we’ve sourced the playbook content from. Every task gets vetted and validated, expanded on, and updated.

Each playbooks comes in a uniform 10-step format for the playbooks which is easy to follow, and quick to skim. So you can get back to doing as soon as possible.

We’ve mapped out 95% of the most common tasks marketers perform at work.

CXL Playbooks gives you access to thousands of playbooks for the most common tasks in conversion optimization, analytics, and digital marketing.

We’ve distilled each task down to 10 steps. Each step can link to another 10-step sub-playbook if you need more explanation.

Browse by desired outcome.

Increase ROAS

Re-engage Customers

Create engaging social posts

Optimize content for retention

Create need with content

Conduct competitive analysis

Playbooks solve it.

Let’s say you need to figure out how to set up event tracking in Google Tag Manager.

A typical online course is something like “here’s 9 hours about everything you need to know about GTM.”

But what if you just need to know how to do this one task?

This is a key reason why over 90% of people who start an online course, never finish one. They want the knowledge, but just can’t make time for it AND their boss judges them by what they get done, not what they learned.

Most people turn to a course when they actually have a *very specific* task at hand they need help with.

We learned this after conducting 1000s of user interviews at CXL: people start courses when they’re working on a related task.

Your average course works like this:

  1. You know very little about X.
  2. Here’s everything you need to know about X in 9 hours.

The problem with this is that majority of the people turn to a course when they actually have a *very specific* task at hand they need help with.

How most people actually learn:

  1. I need to do this very specific task right now.
  2. What’s the best way to do it?

With Playbooks, you learn for 10 minutes about how to do this very specific thing, and then implement it already in the next 10 minutes.

It’s learning and doing hand in hand. That’s what makes CXL Playbooks so powerful.

We’re betting our future on it, but only getting started

We’re building a new kind of knowledge platform, one that’s focused on doing. After all, people learn the best by doing.

Let’s be clear: we’re betting our future on it, but this is the MVP. CXL Playbooks is launching with over 2000 playbooks. We’re adding ~200+ playbooks each month, ramping up our production speed as we go along.

The future vision is to have a playbook for *every single recurring task* in marketing, optimization, product, sales, customer success.

Access to thousands of playbooks.

When you sign up for CXL Playbooks, you get access to:

  • 2000+ advanced digital marketing instructions (full list here) validated by world-class practitioners.
  • Framework for every task in marketing and a base for your SoPs.
  • Hundreds of playbooks added every month.

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