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What (and Others) Can Teach You About Building Persuasive Product Pages

With product pages, it’s often way too easy to lose sight that the goal is to actually persuade people, and instead, at least from what I can tell on 99% of the eCommerce sites I see, the pages are treated with a very clinical approach.

“Here’s the product sir, I sure do hope you buy it.”

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If there were only one email campaign we could send for 350+ of our online retail and eCommerce customers for rest of their lives it would be this one….

The cart abandonment campaign.

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Google Analytics 102: How To Set Up Goals, Segments, and Events

Some of you out there may find this Google Analytics feature overview to be mostly a review. That’s awesome! That means you’re really taking ownership of your data. However, if you’ve never used any of these features, only experimented with them a little, or aren’t sure you’re using them correctly, you should read on.

From the time you set up your account and put your tracking code on your site, Google Analytics starts to capture and display a lot of data.

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CXL Live 2019 Recap: Takeaways from Every Speaker

What a rush—24 speakers over three days at a picturesque resort. Add to that 400 old and new faces, plenty of conversations, live music, and more than a few beers. CXL Live is an experience.

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How To Get Your Pricing Page Right [Website Reviews]

Pricing itself is super important, and so are the pages that communicate the prices. We’ll look at 8 different pricing pages and see how we could improve them.

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6 Essential Principles Of Designing a High Converting Site Search Experience

A couple weeks ago, we dug into internal site search & found that in some cases, searches performed by only 10% of the site’s total traffic made up nearly 40% of the companies overall revenue.

Then we went into my 3 favorite methods for increasing conversions by improving the search experience.

But we’ve only just scratched the surface.

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Semiotics in Marketing: What It Means for Your Brand and Messaging

You don’t purchase products. You buy success, status, a lifestyle. Your purchases furthermore, are driven by subconscious perceptions and emotions.

Semiotics, the interpretation of signs and symbols, helps decipher those subconscious elements. While it has plenty of lofty, academic associations, it has practical implications for marketers, too.

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5 Underused Google Analytics Reports for Conversion Insights

Google Analytics is widely used. But most marketers only scratch the surface when it comes to reports.

You can find insights for conversion optimization from tons of reports—and the juicier reports are lesser known.

I asked some of my friends in the industry to share underutilized reports that they often turn to when looking for insights.

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6 Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies With Surprising Results

In the world of conversion optimization it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open for case studies that you can learn from, adapt to your needs and go test it.

What we have are 6 case studies that are a bit different. They take something as common social sharing buttons, Facebook Connect or huge product pictures, things that in theory would give you nice boost if you tested them.

In many cases, the results may surprise you.

I understand that it’s a lot to go through, so for you to get the most out of this:

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High Velocity

Mark Zuckerberg famously said, “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”

Since then, startups and growth marketers have latched onto the statement. “Move fast and break things” has become a way of life, an ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs who just want to hustle all day, hustle all night like Gary Vaynerchuk.

But how true is that statement, which Mark made many, many years ago?

Does it apply to testing and experimentation? The philosophy of high velocity testing, made popular by a number of different testing and growth experts, certainly makes the case that it does.

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What’s on my mind

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