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Optimizing for Shopping Holidays

When you think about the holiday season, you think more traffic, right? More traffic means more conversions. More conversions mean more data. More data means more insights.

But is the data from the tests you run during major shopping holidays representative? We can’t throw sample pollution out the window, can we? Will your insights still be relevant in February when the rush dies down?

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Double Your Conversion Rate

What’s a good conversion rate? A conversion rate that’s better than the one you currently have.

Whatever your current conversion rate is, today’s top conversion rate optimization experts have banded together to help you double it… in just 23 days.

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What's The One Thing That Creates High User Engagement?

There’s one thing that influences user engagement on your website more than anything else.

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The Million Dollar Optimization Strategy [Video]

This is a recording of the talk given by André Morys, the CEO of Web Arts, at CXL Live 2015. Grab your tickets to the 2016 event here.

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Why Buy From You (and Not the Other Guys)? [Rant]

Everyone knows that their website doesn’t exist in a vacuum. However, a majority of websites still act like they do. And that’s costing them business.

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40+ Conversion Optimization Tools (Reviewed by Experts)

Men have become the tools of their tools.

Henry David Thoreau

Whether you’re a CX optimization agency, consultant, or in-house at a startup or enterprise, investing in the right conversion optimization tool is a big decision.

We’re asked often whether a tool is good, bad, or downright awful, and until now, haven’t put it all together into a cohesive post.

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Should You Optimize for Micro Conversions?

If we’re supposed to optimize what’s closest to the money, what is the value in optimizing for micro conversions?

Many blog posts have espoused this as a way to incrementally increase revenue and final conversions, but does tweaking stuff unrelated to purchase actually assist your bigger goals?

There are many different opinions on this question.

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Validity Threats

You have an A/B testing tool, a well-researched hypothesis and a winning test with 95% confidence. The next step is to declare the winner and push it live, right?

Not so fast.

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14 List Building Hacks to Grow Your Email Database Fast

Email marketing is one of the fastest ways to drive sales of any online channel. Think about it… What other channel lets you launch something and drive sales immediately?

But the biggest challenge most businesses face is they don’t have an email database (which I’ll interchangeably refer to as a ‘list’) big enough to see the benefits of email.

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Easier Buying

Understanding what consumers want, what consumers need and why is a crucial part of conversion rate optimization.

Earlier this year, BrandShop released the results of the 2015 Digital Consumer Preferences Survey, which revealed in no uncertain terms that consumers want (and need) buying online directly from brands to be easier.

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