CXL Live: a marketing event that's about relationships, not powerpoints.

Top people in growth and experimentation come together for this.

Build your network. Get ideas to your specific challenges. Learn what works for others.

October 25-26 Austin TX

Live events that are about keynotes is an outdated idea. CXL Live is different. It's matching you up with people you need to meet in focused on peer discussions. It's an incredible experience.

You'll laugh. You'll high five.
You'll learn useful skills.
You’ll make incredible connections.

This event focuses on relationship building

It’s very hard to build a relationship over Zoom, but it doesn’t take much to continue one on Zoom. That’s why in-person conferences matter.

That’s not to say content doesn’t matter: it does, and we’ve always brought our A-game. But high-quality content is table stakes. And in the end, other things matter more. 

This event focuses on building authentic relationships and spending quality time with other like-minded people. You are guaranteed to meet people with a similar role at a similar company working on the same challenges that you are.

You don’t go to events for recycled content you can see on YouTube

Events are not about the content. People forget what one or another speaker said. Most content is available on YouTube anyway, or might be better as a podcast.

What virtual events and online content can’t deliver is human relationships. Conferences are made for lasting professional relationships. That’s the whole point.

We will match you up with people you need to meet

Half of the event is designed for meeting people. We hand-curate whom you should meet.

You have very specific problems and goals. There are people who have the exact same goals, and have already figured it out. You should talk!

CXL live focuses on building authentic relationships and spending quality time with other like-minded people. Conferences can be great, but most people don’t go for the powerpoint presentations.

And shared experiences unite people – making these relationships much stronger than a random encounter.

How the match making happens

We start by surveying every attendee about what they’re working on, key goals, and obstacles.

Based on what you tell us, we will:

  1. create dedicated discussion roundtables, so people working on similar things get together and learn from each other.
  2. match you with up with relevant folks for 60-min small group roundtables

This way you get to actually learn how something is done while becoming fast friends.

Keynotes by world-class practitioners

More lineup names to be announced soon

Peep Laja

CEO @ CXL, Wynter

Dave Gerhardt

Founder @ Exit Five

Gaetano DiNardi

Growth Marketer

Casandra Campbell

Experimentation & Analysis @ Shopify

Emma Stratton

Founder @ Punchy

Chris Walker

CEO @ Refine Labs

Ben Labay

Managing director @ Speero

Group discussion moderators

Lots of names to be added to this list soon.

Brian Massey

Principal Conversion Scientist @ Conversion Sciences

Daniel Layfield

Product Manager @ Uber Eats

Jonny Longden

Conversion Director @ Journey Further

Tara Robertson

Demand Generation @ Chili Piper

Emma Travis

Director of Research @ Speero

Fred Pike

Managing Director @ Northwoods

Kelly Wortham

Senior Director, Optimization @ Search Discovery

Dylan Lewis

Experimentation Leader @ Atlassian

Joe Sanders

Executive Director, Digital Optimization @ Chase

Merritt Aho

President @ CXL

Chris Mercer

Founder @ Measurement Marketing

Alex Birkett

Co-founder @ Omniscient Digital

Haley Carpenter

Manager, Strategy Consulting @ Optimizely

Lenny Rozental

CEO @ Takeoff

Annika Thompson

Chief Product Officer @ Speero

Paula Sappington

Senior Director, Experience Design Research @ Hilton

Collin Crowell

Senior Director @ Kameleoon

Tracy Sestili

VP of Marketing @ Intellimize

Shiva Manjunath

Senior Strategist @ Speero

Ognjen Bošković

Growth Lead @ CXL

Matt Gershoff

Co-founder @ Conductrics

Dan McGaw


Lucia van den Brink

Senior Experimentation Strategist @ Speero

Kristin Kelly Ravesloot

COO @ Speero

Tim Wilson

Senior Director, Analytics @ Search Discovery

Chad Sanderson

Head of Data, Product Manager, Data UX Champion @ Convoy

Guy Yalif

CEO @ Intellimize

Rooftop venue in downtown Austin

We've booked an epic venue for the event (Skybox on 6th). The weather is likely to be gorgeous, so we can spend the whole day "outside" while taking in the city views.


This is a single track conference. You get to see everyone.

Mon, October 24

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7:00 PM

Pre-party at the Rustic Tap. Brought to you by Conductrics.

Pick up your badge early! Address: 613 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

Tue, October 25

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8:00 AM

Registration and breakfast

9:00 AM

Opening: Peep Laja and Merritt Aho

9:30 AM

Peep Laja: How to Win

10:00 AM

Dave Gerhardt: From Marketer To Marketing Leader

I spent the last seven years working in marketing at B2B SaaS companies I was the first full-time marketing hire and later VP of Marketing at Drift, which is now valued at $1B+. I was CMO at Privy, which was acquired by Attentive in a nine-figure deal. But now after spending the last year away from marketing leadership to working for myself, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect back on what just happened. And after the glow of doing marketing for two successful startups has faded, I realized how many mistakes I made along the way. I made mistakes with hiring and managing the team. I made mistakes building a marketing strategy and using the budget. I hired the wrong vendors, implemented the wrong tools. I made some decisions too fast and then some too slow. Looking back on it now, I had no idea how different “doing” the marketing would be from a marketing leadership role. During this session I’ll share all of the things I wish I knew as a first-time marketing leader so you can take them for your career or bring them back to your company now. Whether you’re a first-time marketing leader like I was or if you’re not there yet but want to be on the path to marketing leadership in the near future, I know you’ll get at least one new idea from this session. Oh and if you’re an experienced marketing leader, I got you covered too. You’ll be able to nod along and it will be like therapy.

10:30 AM


11:00 AM

Roundtable #1

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Ben Labay: Test to Win

- Learn the 'what to test' vs 'how to test' for sales led vs product led testing
- Learn how to connect testing to a proper B2B metric strategy
- Get examples of specific pricing strategy testing

Get access to all of these tools and frameworks via an interactive miro board which I'll be presenting from.

1:30 PM

Roundtable #2

2:30 PM


3:00 PM

Roundtable #3

4:00 PM


Let's see.

4:30 PM

Happy Hour (and a half)

6:00 PM


7:00 PMuntil midnight

Main Party sponsored by Kameleoon. Continue the conversations, make new friends.

Location: Dogwood. 715 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701.

Wed, Oct 26.

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9:00 AM


9:30 AM

Emma Stratton: How to Write Messaging That Connects with Your Buyer

Great messaging doesn’t show off your product – it shines a light on you prospect’s needs, goals, and dreams. In this session, Emma Stratton will walk you through a simple framework for writing messaging that hits home with your audience. You’ll learn how to avoid common pitfalls, understand what motivates buyers, and make the value of your product clear as day.

10:00 AM

Gaetano DiNardi: Modern B2B marketing

Throughout my career experience as a growth marketer, inevitably I’ve been hit with the same question in countless variations:
Why are leads down? And what’s the plan to hit our volume target?
Whether it’s the CMO asking why the blog isn’t generating signups, or the VP of Sales demanding “more top of funnel”… all roads lead down the same path.
Inexperienced marketers allow themselves to get bullied into bad tactics in order to appease the higher ups. Consequently, this leads to a seller-centric marketing strategy, instead of a buyer-centric one - yielding poor outcomes for everyone. In this session, marketers will regain their dignity by learning how to educate their cross-functional teams and executives on why outdated B2B marketing playbooks are bad for business, and what to do instead.

10:30 AM


11:00 AM

Roundtable #4

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Casandra Campbell: The Secret Growth Ingredient Most People Ignore

Sustainable growth comes from consistently allocating resources to the best opportunities. Yet most people focus on keeping up with the latest tactics, and jumping on the first idea they have without considering alternatives.

  • Learn why strong decision making skills are the key to sustainable growth.
  • Learn how to strengthen your decision making ability using the secret ingredient.
  • Walk away with lots of examples of where to apply strong growth decision making.
1:30 PM

Roundtable #5

2:30 PM


3:00 PM

Roundtable #6

4:00 PM

Closing + Happy Hour

Get your final questions answered.

6:00 PM


7:00 PMuntil midnight

After Party at Mayfair terrace lounge sponsored by Mutiny.

Location: same building as the event. 501 W 6th St Ste. 300, Austin, TX 78701.

Did we say 3 parties?

Have fun and make friends.

Everybody there will be in the same boat as you, so lots to talk about. A 30-minute conversation at an event will already make a life-long connection.

Pre-party on October 24th.

Main party on October 25th.

After-party on October 26th.

All party locations at locations in downtown Austin.

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