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Become great at Google Data Studio

Create impressive, time-saving reports with Data Studio

Online course

By Michele Kiss,

Senior Partner @ Analytics Demystified

Course length: 4h 30min

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If you want to create more insightful reports and save time in the process…

…look no further than this course on Google Data Studio.

Soon you’ll be able to automate manual reporting tasks, visualize data and deliver valuable reports that your end-users will love.

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Disappointed by Data Studio in the past? This course will change that.

You’ll dramatically shorten the learning curve and gain all the skills you need to get started with Google Data Studio — even if you’ve never used it before.

Plus you’ll get the best methods, tricks and advanced techniques you need to become a reporting superstar.

After taking this course, you’ll:

  • Use controls, filters and segments to empower and delight users with reports they can explore on their own
  • Build and customize different types of charts — from tables to interactive funnel visualizations
  • Understand the landscape of data sources that connect to Data Studio
  • Use and blend multiple data sources, so you can report the complete picture
  • Create calculated dimensions and metrics, so you can report on what matters to your business and keep your data clean

Simo A.

Michele Kiss’ Data Studio course is the only thing you should be doing right now. Not only do you get world-class instruction from the leading expert in the field, but you’ll also be able to uncover the myriad of ways in which to make visualization and reporting useful again.

Jawahar Kaushal

I got so much clarity about Data Studio. Michele Kiss is amazing, and her way of teaching is also outstanding.

Michael Spencer

The course went beyond the tool itself to give tips in how to best present data.

In a data-driven world, these reporting skills will set you apart

As businesses become more data-driven, those who can turn raw data into truly insightful reports are becoming more valuable. And more in demand.

So if you want to be a reporting all-star who can create awesome reports and visualizations, this course is perfect for you.

Not only will you save time by automating cumbersome manual tasks…

…you’ll also help stakeholders make smarter, data-driven decisions. And they’ll wonder how they were able to operate before.

Reports from generic tools…

  • Can be difficult for your end-users to understand, analyze and explore
  • Are usually isolated from other data sources, so you can’t see the full picture
  • Are slow, manual and cumbersome to create
  • Are difficult to keep clean and updated

Once you’ve learned how to use Data Studio, you will…

  • Create interactive reports users can understand and explore to find the insights they need
  • Connect data sources to create a comprehensive picture of your business
  • Automate repetitive manual tasks
  • Know how to clean your data and deliver reports that stay up-to-date on their own

This course is essential for you if …

  • You want to get better at reporting, analyzing and presenting data
  • You want to share more valuable insights and empower your end-users to explore data on their own
  • You want your work to stand out and look professional and credible

This course is NOT for you if you…

  • Using and sharing information with Google products is impossible at your company, or your business is already all in on another reporting platform
  • You’re happy to continue manually copying and pasting data in spreadsheets
  • You’re already a hard-core Data Studio user or have lots of experience with tools like Tableau and Looker — in that case, you may find this course too intermediate

If you’ve never used Google Data Studio before, don’t worry. We’ll start with the basics to get you up and running. To help you learn, we’ll use Google Analytics as a sample data set.

Then, you’ll discover advanced features and use cases, so you can add even more valuable abilities to your skillset.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to confidently use most features in Google Data Studio. The skills you gain in this course will open up a new world of reporting possibilities.

Michele Kiss

Senior Partner @ Analytics Demystified

Michele Kiss is a renowned leader in digital analytics and a (very) early user of Google Data Studio. She helps clients across industries draw insights from their digital data by improving their analysis, reporting, training and process. Michele won Di

Michele Kiss is a renowned leader in digital analytics and a (very) early user of Google Data Studio. She helps clients across industries draw insights from their digital data by improving their analysis, reporting, training and process.

Michele won Digital Analytics Association’s “Rising Star” award (2011) and “Practitioner of the Year” award (2013). She is a frequent blogger, writer, podcast contributor and speaker.

You can read her thoughts at

Course overview

Your full course curriculum

Google Data Studio

Getting started

Get an overview of the Data Studio interface and an introduction to the types of data you can use. We’ll look at Data Studio’s basic functions and settings. And discuss a fundamental principle of data visualization that underpins the entire course.

You’ll learn:

  • Data sources
  • How to turn an explore into a report
  • Report basics

Building charts

Next we’ll dive into the different charts available. You’ll see how to use various types of visualizations to convey distinct messages. And how different chart types can work together to paint a more complete picture.

You’ll also learn how to best customize your charts to communicate your data well.

This lesson will cover:

  • Community visualizations
  • Multiple chart types together
  • Additional chart settings

Using color

In this lesson you’ll discover how you can intelligently use color in your reports and visualizations so everyone can understand your data better. We’ll also cover Data Studio’s options for communicating via color.

We’ll address:

  • Color blindness
  • Consistent use of color
  • Conditional formatting


Next you’ll learn how to work with dates in Data Studio: how to format them, customize the date ranges of your reports and how to deal with common problems that arise.

This lesson will guide you through:

  • Choosing how to display date
  • Reconstructing dates
  • Date ranges (auto vs. custom, advanced)

Filters, controls and segments

In this lesson, you’ll learn to filter charts and tables. But more importantly, you’ll see how to create customizable filters that allow your end-users to explore the data themselves.

This lesson will guide you through:

  • Types of filtering
  • Filter Controls
  • Interactive Charts

Calculated fields

Next you’ll discover the power of calculated fields. These let you create customized metrics for what matters to your business. You’ll also see how to create calculated dimensions to more clearly and cleanly convey your data. You’ll see specific examples of useful calculated dimensions you can use to clean up common Google Analytics data problems.

This lesson will cover:

  • Calculated metrics
  • Calculated dimensions
  • CASE Formulas


This lesson shows you how to join or "blend" data in Data Studio. You’ll learn which type of “join” Data Studio uses, and how you can use it to combine multiple data sets. And even how to power more complicated queries out of the same data set.

We’ll cover:

  • Benefits of blends
  • Choosing what data to include
  • Different timeframes in blends

Changing data sources

This quick lesson will save you time when you suddenly need to change the data behind your report, but don't want to undo all those hours of building calculated fields.

This lesson will cover:

  • Changing the data behind a data source (without losing all your calculations)

Sharing and access

This lesson will show you how to share your reports and data sources for others to edit or view. You’ll also see what common pitfalls to look out for.

We’ll cover:

  • Sharing the data source underlying a report
  • Data source permissions: refreshing
  • Embedding report

Other useful features

Next you’ll discover how to use a few more Data Studio features, such as scheduling and exporting reports.

Set yourself up for success with:

  • Report scheduling
  • PDF and spreadsheet exports
  • Version history


If you are a Google Analytics user, this lesson will show you how to incorporate Google Data Studio. You’ll understand when sampling kicks in and when you need to flag an issue.

This lesson will cover:

  • When sampling kicks in
  • How to know/when to flag

Cool uses of data studio

In this lesson, you’ll see specific, custom use cases and hacks that Michele has found in her years of working with Data Studio. Be prepared to get creative.

Set yourself up for success with:

  • Annotations
  • Funnel visualizations
  • “Meta dash”

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