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Understand and apply the right AI technology in your marketing

Online course:
Applied AI for Marketers

By Guy Yalif,

Co-Founder and CEO @ Intellimize

Course length: 5h 00min

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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, can change your career for the better

What do you really need to know about AI to be an effective conversion rate optimizer? How can AI help you today to drive more revenue for your business?

In this course, we will focus on practical ways you can use AI for CRO and other marketing applications. You will cut through the AI hype and gain a practical, applied understanding of AI. AI won’t feel like a buzzword to you.

In 4 classes, you will be able to answer

  • What are the major types of AI and how do they relate to one another?
  • Which types of AI are better suited to different kinds of marketing problems?
  • How should you and your teammates think differently to get the most out of AI?
  • What data is needed to use AI?
  • What resources should you deploy to get the most out of AI?
  • What are common use cases for AI in B2C and B2B CRO?

After taking this course, you’ll understand AI, and how to evaluate and apply the right AI technology in your work.

This course will teach you

In four sessions, you will cut through the hype and gain a practical, applied understanding of AI. You’ll be able to answer most questions coming from your colleagues about AI and make better choices about your AI related investments. We will focus on CRO use cases and touch lightly on other marketing uses for AI.

We’ll begin with a practical discussion of the major types of AI that matter to us as CROs and how they relate to one another. We’ll talk through examples of different kinds of AI and the kinds of marketing problems they’re well suited to solve. We’ll explore how each of us should think differently, the data that is needed, and the resources you should expect to deploy to get the most out of AI. Finally, we’ll talk through common uses cases for AI in B2C and B2B to drive more conversions.

Guy and his team drove big results for us. Their personalization helped us drive a 70% increase in referral sign ups for our customers.

Sunil Saha, CEO @ Perkville

This course is right for you if…

  • You have no previous practical understanding of AI
  • You have beginner or intermediate understanding of AI and its use for marketing
  • You want to optimize and are wondering how to apply automation to do so
  • You’re curious about AI and want to sound credible when your teammates ask about it
  • You do not need any technical background to get value from this course

This course is probably not for you if…

  • You already have deep experience applying AI to optimization problems. Please wait for the “Advanced Topics in Applied AI for Marketers” course coming January 2019
  • You want to learn how to code AI

Skills you should have before taking this course

The course is suitable for everyone, however, it important to note the following:

This course is for marketers with beginner or intermediate understanding of AI, including those with no understanding of AI at all. This course is right for marketers who are not using AI today or have just begun to start using AI.

If you already have a lot of experiencing applying AI to optimization, you should wait for “Advanced Topics in Applied AI for Marketers” coming in January 2019. Neither this course nor “Advanced Topics” is designed for those wanting to learn how to code AI.

Guy Yalif

Guy Yalif (@gyalif) has been putting AI into the hands of marketers for the past several years as Co-founder and CEO of Intellimize.

Prior to Intellimize, he held a number of senior marketing positions at major media and technology companies, including Vice President of Global Marketing at BrightRoll and Head of Global Product and Vertical Marketing at Twitter, as well as leadership roles at Yahoo, Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group, and Tradeweave.

Your full course curriculum:

Applied AI for Marketers

1 The branches of the AI tree

We will open with an overview of AI. We’ll talk through the different types of AI and the kinds of problems they’re best at solving. You will be able to make better choices about which kind of AI to apply to the problems you are trying to solve for your business and you'll be able to hold a thoughtful business conversation about AI.

2 Getting started with AI

After this class, you’ll be able to map the branches of the AI tree to the marketing problems they’re best suited to solve, with a heavier focus on conversion rate optimization. You’ll also understand the data you need to use AI well, the mindset changes needed to get the most out of AI, and how to best pair AI with people to maximize revenue.

3 Using AI day to day

In this class you’ll gain a practical understanding of how to run iterative generations of experiments better with AI, how to use A/B testing and AI best together, and how to best setup AI to achieve CRO success.

4 Common plays

In this session, we’ll review common plays B2C and B2B marketers run with AI to maximize conversions, how to use AI when A/B testing is new to you, and what you should expect to put into and get out of AI.

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