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Land a remote marketing role at a US-based company.

CXL Talent program is currently not accepting new applications.

    US companies are finally opening their doors to you. Starting salary at $40,000.

    Up until recently, it was really hard getting into a US company if you lived outside the States. Now, things have changed, and these companies are hungry for talented marketers from abroad.

    The minimum yearly salary you’ll be making is $40,000, with all other raise and promotion opportunities that a fast-growing US company can offer.

    Pick one of the three specialization paths available.

    Based on your desired career path, decide which marketing training path you want to take and be matched with US companies looking for those roles.

    Conversion Optimization Specialist

    • Finding conversion opportunities
    • Developing test hypotheses
    • Running AB tests
    • CRO project management
    • Understanding and working with quantitative and qualitative data

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    • Lead generation
    • PPC and Paid Social
    • SEO
    • Copywriting
    • Landing pages

    Content Marketer

    • Organic social
    • SEO
    • Content repurposing
    • Content distribution

    Who is this program for?

    If you’re a marketer that lives outside the US with at least 2 years of experience, this program is for you. The candidates our partner companies hired and loved the most usually come from Latin America, Eastern Europe, or Africa that fit this criterion:

    • Fluent English in writing and speaking
    • 2-5 years of digital marketing experience
    • Ability to commit 1h/day over 12 weeks to studying
    • Agreement to take job interviews with US employers

    The exact process you’ll go through.

    Companies, just like you, want to move fast. To ensure all parties get exactly what they want, we’ve enabled a smooth process that will land you a great job in minimal time.

    Here’s the exact process you’ll go through:

    • Sign up for the program now, and we will assess your eligibility based on experience, English fluency, and overall fit
    • Pick the training program you’d like to enroll in (your career focus)
    • Commit to a 5-7 hour weekly study regime to complete the degree within 12 weeks
    • Pay a one-time enrollment fee of $200 USD
    • Get hired by a US based company

    This is one giant leap for your career.

    Entering the US market is a huge step for any employee, especially marketers that are hugely in demand.

    The list of benefits our candidates experience is endless, starting with:

    • Career development: get certified by CXL, a premium marketing institute
    • Remote work: you don’t have to move or commute, work from your home country
    • Salary paid in US dollars: earn more than you ever did in the world’s most stable currency

    Our guarantee makes sure you have literally nothing to lose

    Worst case scenario is going through the world-class CXL marketing training and becoming a CXL certified marketer for free.

    Best case scenario (and the most common one) is landing a job at an US company, earning more than you ever did while enjoying the true freedom of working from anywhere in the world.