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Free course on introduction to UX & usability

By Karl Gilis
CRO expert & information architect


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Increase conversions with a better user experience

In this 10 lesson free course on user experience and usability, Karl Gillis gives you an overview of UX research, UX strategies, and how to set user experience goals based on user research. His 10-lesson free course goes in depth on the user experience tools that’ll help you gather useful feedback, like clickmaps, heatmaps, and qualitative user research interviews.

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Free course curriculum:

  1. Who Needs Usability Tips When There’s A/B Testing?
  2. How Many Visitors Do You Need to Start Working on UX and CRO?
  3. User Experience Pyramid: a Hierarchy of UX
  4. Don’t Make Your Visitor Think (Thanks, Steve Krug.)
  5. Scroll Heatmaps, Click Heatmaps and User Session Recordings
  6. Start Getting Qualitative Feedback from Your Visitors and Clients
  7. Take a Closer Look at Your Forms
  8. Tools Are Just Tools! Everything Depends on the Person Using the Tools
  9. A Method and Framework… Not a Magic 10-point Checklist
  10. Getting Into the Right Mindset

Karl Gilis

According to PPC Hero, Karl is one of the top most influential Conversion Rate Optimizer worldwide. He’s also the G in AGConsult, a Belgium-based usability and conversion optimization company. He’s been optimizing websites since 2001. Always based on user research & facts.

Karl is a top rated international speaker (he was voted 2nd best speaker at Digital Elite Camp). He teaches at several university colleges in Belgium. And has trained people from companies such as Thomas Cook, TUI, Suzuki, Toyota & many others.

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Current Free Course:

Introduction to UX & usability