Foundations of product messaging

Free course on Foundations of product messaging

By Momoko Price
expert conversion copywriter


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Tactics and strategies for fluff-free copywriting that gets conversions

In this 10 lesson free course on product messaging, conversion copywriter Momoko Price gives you a framework and template for writing product copy.

In 10 lessons, she teaches you the fundamentals of conversion copywriting; explains how to characterize your audience (in terms of scope and awareness) with copywriting examples; and give you a formula for crafting compelling value propositions.

Free course curriculum:

  1. Dispelling toxic copywriting myths
  2. How many conversion goals should your page have?
  3. Applying the conversion formula to copy
  4. What is customer motivation, really?
  5. What makes for a great value proposition?
  6. The customer awareness spectrum
  7. Embracing a copy-first approach
  8. The importance of a persuasive/narrative flow
  9. Punch-up tricks to improve your copy
  10. Anatomy of an irresistible call-to-action

Momoko Price

Momoko Price is an experienced conversion copywriter who kept sketching user flows & wireframes as part of her “writing” work.

She brings a powerful one-two punch to every client project.

While she mostly helps startups find their key messaging, she’s worked with giants the likes of Intuit, Scotiabank, AT&T, and Base CRM.

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Foundations of product messaging