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Free course on Excel for marketers

By Fred Pike
Managing director @ Northwoods


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Learn the Excel functions that every marketer should know

In this 5 lesson free course on excel, Fred Pike shows you how to find actionable marketing insights using Excel and Google Sheets.

You’ll learn how to use data and formulas to create real business analyses that get you results.

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In this course, you’ll learn:

  1. How to work with errors in the Sum() function
  2. Data validation
  3. Ticking and Tying
  4. Use of color
  5. How to use absolute cell references and named ranges

Fred Pike

Fred got his start with spreadsheets using VisiCalc, the very first electronic spreadsheet. Fred is the CFO at Northwoods, where he continues to use spreadsheets regularly. He believes that spreadsheet literacy – being fluent in the language and usage of spreadsheets – is something everybody should have. Spreadsheets are the common language of data – you can download just about anything to a spreadsheet. Once there, and with the proper skills, you can work data magic.

Fred also leads the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager team at Northwoods.

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Current Free Course:

Free course on Excel for marketers