Learn how a research-driven optimization process can double your conversions

Free course Learn how a research-driven optimization process can double your conversions

By Peep Laja
Founder of CXL


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Grow your business without having to invest more resources into acquisition

Conversion optimization is a skill. It’s learned. It requires process. It’s not about guessing which color button is best or running random tests, hoping they become “statistically significant.” But you can waste a ton of time and money doing that.

Following best practices or tactics from blog posts won’t get you the results you’re looking for. So how do the expert practitioners do it? 

The pros follow a data-driven research process. This research process will tell you where the problems are, what they are and why those problems are problems to begin with. That’s the real way of doing conversion optimization. 

In this free video course, world-renowned conversion optimization expert Peep Laja will teach you a proven framework to use to increase conversions and revenue consistently.

In just 8 lessons, you’ll learn:

  • Use a proven research-driven conversion framework
  • Run a technical analysis on your site
  • Run a heuristic analysis to be sure your messages are clear and relevant
  • Measure what your users are doing and where your site is leaking money
  • Leverage insights from mouse tracking & heat maps
  • Use qualitative research to peek inside the mind of the people you’re selling to
  • Decide what type of user tests are best to run for your business
  • How to get started with the A/B/n testing fundamentals

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Peep Laja

Peep is the founder of CXL, and champion of conversion optimization and experimentation. He’s passionate about driving change and growth through data-informed marketing.

He was voted as the most influential conversion rate optimization expert in the world. Peep is devoted to growing the size and quality of the whole conversion optimization community. He started CXL Live conference in 2014, and is making top 1% marketing know-how available for everyone through CXL Institute since 2016.

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Learn how a research-driven optimization process can double your conversions